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 Las Venturas Roleplay [ENG]

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Server IP: (Online) | TeamSpeak IP: lats.vortexservers.com:9993
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|| Official Website: www .lv-roleplay .com
|| Community Forums: www .forum.lv-roleplay .com

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Welcome to Las Venturas roleplay, This server started around a month ago when Steven figured he could restart a new server and start all over again.
Las Venturas Roleplay has a full custom script and systems from admins to buying a vehicle in-game. I'm proud to annouce that the script is going much better that expected therefore we are alot more head of anything. as you can see we do not have much posts on our forums that is because we just transfered back to a phpbb forums from IPB.
I am not going to disappoint any of you. Las Venturas Role Play's standards are very high and the game mode is going to be qualified. The developers are more motivated than ever.
- Las Venturas Role Play is the the beginning of a new era for SAMP.

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LV-RP is home to game-enhancing features that will make your time on the server as enjoyable as possible. We are constantly planning and implementing new features and taking ideas from the community in what we should include or not include! The following list will show you just a sample of what we have to offer you here at Las Venturas Roleplay

  • A highly experienced management and administration team that will listen to you and take your ideas into action;
  • An in depth business and house system that is scripted from scratch;
  • An exciting vehicle ownership system;
  • A chance to fight crime, save lives and report the news in our selection of legal factions;
  • Take part in organised criminal activities and roll with your crew in our player created illegal factions;
  • Jobs and side jobs to make some money on the side with no strings attached;
  • Most importantly, a brilliant community full of members enthusiastic about roleplay that will welcome you whatever your experience!

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Well as we all are aware of there's many roleplay servers out there, good ones and bad ones. But what LVRP Administration team and I have seen is that alot of the good servers never take the players ideas into look. They never actually consider adding things that people suggest. So this is where we are different. If you want something added then just ask, post a suggestion and we will review it and come and talk to you about it.

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As I've noticed on SAMP alot of servers are created from edits from Vortex or other scripts that have been given out, Where Las Venturas Roleplay has a custom script fully made from scratch. This gives us a slight advantage in a way because alot of players hate playing the same edit over and over so here at Las Venturas Roleplay we plan on giving you something different something new to roleplay with and over look.

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As we all know you want to see what is IG, So be our guest and jump on in and have a look.
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Las Venturas Roleplay [ENG]
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