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 SAMP Server Ads!

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SAMP Server Ads! Empty
PostSubject: SAMP Server Ads!   SAMP Server Ads! EmptyThu 6 Oct - 22:41

Here you advertise your server for SAMP!
Advertisement must contain:

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SAMP Server Ads! Empty
PostSubject: Re: SAMP Server Ads!   SAMP Server Ads! EmptyThu 10 May - 21:06

Name: (¯`·._.·[** @@ PerSiAn DrifT @@ **]·._.·´¯) [0.3C]


SAMP Server Ads! Sa-mp-000
SAMP Server Ads! Sa-mp-001
SAMP Server Ads! Sa-mp-002
SAMP Server Ads! Sa-mp-003

Description: The new server is opened and requires that the Admins
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SAMP Server Ads! Empty
PostSubject: Re: SAMP Server Ads!   SAMP Server Ads! EmptyThu 10 May - 21:07

Name: (¯`·._.·[** @@ PerSiAn DrifT @@ **]·._.·´¯) [0.3D]


SAMP Server Ads! Sa-mp-000
SAMP Server Ads! Sa-mp-001
SAMP Server Ads! Sa-mp-002
SAMP Server Ads! Sa-mp-003

Description: The new server is opened and requires that the Admins
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SAMP Server Ads! Empty
PostSubject: Re: SAMP Server Ads!   SAMP Server Ads! EmptySat 2 Jun - 1:11

SAMP Server Ads! Logo

HostName: San Fierro Roleplay [0.3e] [SF-RP.co]
Ping: 49 - Always this low - in most countries
Mode: SF-RP 0.3.R20
Map: San Fierro
Website: http://www.sf-rp.co

I am really happy to be finally able to present you a pearl among all the regular roleplay servers on SA:MP, which have their scripts simply copied from various sites and authors, instead of creating their own original place to play. But we are different - our team is composed of veterans of various kinds of RP, and SA:MP servers. We played here and there for years, and now we have gathered our information together and worked 7 long months for many many hours a day, scripting, setting up unique and player friendly rules, guides and systems, in order to provide you the best playing experience in the history of Grand Theft Auto Roleplay. If you care to read on - you will find out that I am not cheating you. The features of our script are just outstanding and they improve and multiply really often thanks to our scripters.


Unlike many other servers, our vehicles are not invulnerable. A vehicle bought here comes with an insurance which contains three charges. Once your transport was blown up for that many times, it is lost permamently. In our opinion it adds more realism and makes stealing a car or a bike, a quite powerful blow to your enemy. Am I right?

Secondly, you may purchase various additions to your vehicle - GPS, alarm and modifications, like rims or even a simple color change. What is more, in your transport you can keep many many things from weapons, through drugs and kevlar up to PLAYERS. And I am not joking! (/trunk putplayer <id>) It's just fantastic, is it not?

There are also boats and aircraft available for sale, but obtaining an aerial vehicle is not an easy task. You can also use boats for much more profitable fishing - whether it is worth it or not, you shall find out yourself!

Oh and remember that vehicles are also quite dangerous and that you should use our seatbelt system, make sure to check whether you are not going too fast on our speed meter, and of course remember to get enough fuel before you start a long trip, or you are going to have a bad time.

Jobs and Hobby's

SAMP Server Ads! Farm4l

Not all the jobs might be different than on the other servers, but the way you perform them definitely is! Farmers don't just ride totally random and boring routes with a combine - they also plant different crops and trade them later.

SAMP Server Ads! Farm5

Fishing would be an example of a hobby - it does not take your job away from you and does not provide you income on the paycheck, but everytime you sell your obtained fishes at the market. The way you perform also is quite fun!
SAMP Server Ads! 1a9Ae

Catching fish can be difficult, or easy - it depends how far out in the sea you are. The further you are, the heavier the fish and the quicker you have to react! Sometimes it can be difficult - but it's really enjoyable and profitable Smile

SAMP Server Ads! Fftvf

There are also some regular jobs, like the taxi driver, or the bus driver which is only alternated by more, different routes as we are playing in San Fierro. Although, worry not, for there is another unique job - The Trucker job. In our server, you decide how much you load into your transporter and how much you sell and most importantly - what business you sell it to. It can really turn out interesting and profitable if you do it very well and find good buyers.


In our server, you can own various properties - through houses to restaurants, shops, gas stations and garages, and almost anything you could think of that would make sense in real life. Every place is unique, and can provide you much profit or fun - it's all up to you! If you try hard, the kind server administration could be so kind to map you some additions to your property in order to enhance your play style. The best thing is, that every single place has it's adress noted near the door with big, visible text, so it is almost impossible to get lost in our city - trust me.


There are quite a few factions on our server both legal and illegal. Below you will find the list of the legal ones, but firstly, I shall introduce you to various possibilities that we offer. Read on if you are interested my friend.

Estabilishing a faction requires a few members, creating a faction thread with a story and of course activity and screenshots of your roleplay. And do not forget to make sure all your faction members play by the server rules.
A faction you create can be either legal or illegal - it's up to you. Whether it's a mafia, a gang, or a united movement of mechanics, taxi drivers, or anything you come up with - the requirements are mostly the same to become official.

What does the official status grants you? Access to weaponry, various headquarters and mapped objects done by thet scripters if they agree, of course. It also provides you an out of character faction chat and an official rank system you can customize entirely by yourself. It is really worth it, belive me fella.

The legal factions are just the usual - Police, who make sure the law is abided and hand out weapon licenses for which you can apply, along with the FBI who take care of more "hardcore" cases, The Fire Department, The Medics who save people's life and help you rehabilitate from drugs and alocoholism, and The Government who creates laws and makes sure the town is clean and nice to live in.

Drug System

The Drug system is quite similar to what you can find on some servers, excpet for the fact that here, it's more difficult to get drugs, or create them, and they actually get you addicted, making you have to go to rehab unless you wish to die. Be careful - sometimes what we think is not much, might be a big lot more than what we should take.

The Staff and General Information

The administration of our server is always ready to answer your questions, suggestions, reports or appeals, and help you create unique and special RP opportunities. They are friendly and mature, plus they know the language very well and communicating with them will not be a problem. The admins and moderators work really hard, and almost everytime there is at least one or two online, in order to keep the server safe and nice.

We have an anti-hack system, so you can be sure your roleplay will never be interrupted by random deathmatchers with hacked weaponry, flying, health or whatever else they try to get. They know very well how to do their job so if you come join us - you are in good hands.

These are not all the server features that we have, it is not even the half of them, I must admit. But writing all of these fantastic scripts would take me years to note down - come and join and you will not regret!
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SAMP Server Ads! Empty
PostSubject: Simplicity Roleplay   SAMP Server Ads! EmptyMon 25 Jun - 13:57

Simplicity Roleplay

ServerName: Simplicity Roleplay
Pictures: These are three of the 100s of senses in this server.
City Hall
SAMP Server Ads! Bf913-sa-mp-770-bf

The Bank
SAMP Server Ads! Bf913-sa-mp-771-bc

LSPD Garage
SAMP Server Ads! Bf913-sa-mp-772-f1

Some commands
SAMP Server Ads! Bf913-sa-mp-773-7f

Description: New RP sever, Which means new admins/leaders are needed.(No Noobs)
24/7 Dedicated, 24/7 Teamspeak3, 24/7 Forums,
Administration and Leader positions available. EPICLY NICE STAFF, Minimum to no Server Lag.
Join the next big upcoming RP server since NGG.
We have Factions, Jobs, a lot of commands, houses, Bizes, Car washes, admin events, you can even create your OWN family or join one, and alot MORE.
We have everything, all we need now are the users.
I kindly ask to invite your friends, even foes, and Join Now!
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SAMP Server Ads! Empty
PostSubject: Re: SAMP Server Ads!   SAMP Server Ads! EmptyTue 10 Jul - 2:50

Greetings SAMP players,
Name: Highsky Roleplay Gaming [RUS/ENG] ((only ENGLISH))
Our cityhall where you can get licenses.
SAMP Server Ads! Dwqc6p

Our bank where you can deposit and withdraw money.
SAMP Server Ads! Jp7qpu

Our VIP club where you can get weapons, armor, clothes, jobs, insurances, and toys.
SAMP Server Ads! Kd22di

One of our hospitals where you will respawn if you die.
SAMP Server Ads! 15p4d43

This is the headquarters of our NOOSE.
SAMP Server Ads! 5ajoux

This is the headquarters of our FBI.
SAMP Server Ads! Mb7gc1

Our Fire and Medical department Headquarters.
SAMP Server Ads! Fdsllv

This is just somework from our mapper(s).
SAMP Server Ads! 14t0i2d

This is out pershing square with our administrative headquarters.
SAMP Server Ads! 20f9hsx

The Headquarters from our police department in Los Santos.
SAMP Server Ads! W1blhh

Welcome SAMP players I am here to give you some information about our server...
Our command are realy easy, the commands are based on reallife actions, Here are some examples..

The command /cuff and /uncuff, Cuffs and uncuffs the people..
The command /tazer, you take out your tazer so you can cuff someone..
The command /handsup, you will put your handsup...
And we got many other commands that look like that, so it is easy to play...

As you know from the most servers who advertise, we are looking for some new gang members/leaders and some faction members/leaders...
If you do a good job in the server you will get promoted to a helper, if you do a good job as a helper you will get community advisor...
And if you do a good job as a Community advisor you will become one of our admins, this process will take about 3 weeks if you do a good job...
And ofcourse if you invite friends, you will get rewarded... The amount of players you invite decides the reward you will get..

We are currently refunding because we don't have a good playerbase, I will give you a list of al our refunds..

1.) Bronze VIP for a month ((wil be increased to Gold VIP))
2.) A free car ((You will get flagged and a admin will come to you))
3.) 25 Pot
4.) 25 Crack
5.) instant level 4
6.) 800.000$ to buy stuff

Like me, the rest of the administrative team hopes you will join our server so we have something to do in the server and other people can roleplay with you..
I hope we can see you today on the server, and remind, if you invite friends you will get rewarded...


Adam James from the Highsky roleplay administrative team.
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SAMP Server Ads! Empty
PostSubject: Re: SAMP Server Ads!   SAMP Server Ads! EmptyMon 16 Jul - 14:55

name:Xbowman's death match server[new server]

description:the point of the server is 2 kill playas that r not in your team, teamkilling will lead 2 a ban, there r not many cars in this server, if your car is heavily
damaged, u should head 2 the stadium, there will be a lot of cars there, if u lose your car, u can commit suicide by typing /kill, more info in the server.
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SAMP Server Ads! Empty
PostSubject: AmazinG Reality Roleplay   SAMP Server Ads! EmptyTue 17 Jul - 22:42

SAMP Server Ads! Logo
AmazinG Reality Roleplay 0.3e

1. Our server is 24h online and hosted by one of the leading companies - Volt Host.

2. 100% MySQL , so you won't lose anything In-Game.

3. vBulletin is our forum software, which is the most powerfull and leading forum software in the world.

4. We have a donate system for those who are interested.

5. Qualified Staff Team.

For those who join us, we are giving REFUNDS !
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SAMP Server Ads! Empty
PostSubject: ROYALITY ROLEPLAY   SAMP Server Ads! EmptySun 5 Aug - 18:02

This server is just like lsrp!
Mode:R-RP V1.1
This server is just like lsrp small refunds hit this up and get it active ya'll!
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SAMP Server Ads! Empty
PostSubject: LS Los Santos GangWars! TDM 0.3e R2 ||New!|   SAMP Server Ads! EmptyWed 15 Aug - 13:04

here new server with ranks and unlock ranks and weapons
Even get kill streaks
ton top map shows
Kills: ?
Death: ?
Rank: ?
Kill Streak: ?

here ip:

we are accepting admins for now if u interested email me at ironmenpr1777@yahoo.com and see if u get lucky and get accepted also try make it at least the seccon rank
but here example

NameInGame: Your name on my server
Score: you score
Rank: your ingame rank

reason: why you want to be admin

Good luck!
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SAMP Server Ads! Empty
PostSubject: Exclusive Gaming Roleplay   SAMP Server Ads! EmptySun 19 Aug - 10:55

cheers Server Info:

HostName: [0.3e] Exclusive Gaming Roleplay
Mode: EG:RP Version 3.0.9
Map: San Andreas


This is a new roleplay server open and needed players so feel free to join our server.
But please if you join don't ask for admins because there are some people who like asking for admins when they join the server.
Just play along as a civilian and the admins will notice you if you are active and you could be reward for admin or other positions.

Website: eg-roleplay.co.nr

SAMP Server Ads! Photo?photoid=161339386

Server Video: youtube.com/watch?v=jlrxLPniuEI&feature=plcp
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SAMP Server Ads! Empty
PostSubject: Ventrum Gaming Roleplay & TDM Server   SAMP Server Ads! EmptyTue 21 Aug - 13:09

We run a powerful 24/7 VPS
Specs are:
12 Core CPU
300GB Hard Drive Space
Windows 2008 Web Server
Online 24-7!

HostName: Ventrum-Gaming Roleplay (0.3e)
Mode: VG-RP 0.4.000
Map: San Andreas

HostName: (TDM) BattleField - Rezzurection [Ventrum-Gaming]
Mode: BF-RT V1.0
Map: San Andreas

This is Roleplay server, which has just been released to public, we are looking for staff and players, so come and join us!
We have vBuletin forums and our own Website.
You can find us at ventrum-gaming.com

~Ventrum-Gaming; Making the Impossible Possible...~
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SAMP Server Ads! Empty
PostSubject: Final Genesis Roleplay [0.3e]   SAMP Server Ads! EmptyThu 30 Aug - 5:02

SAMP Server Ads! 131zui

Final Genesis Roleplay

Server Address:

Final Genesis Roleplay is a server that is a replica of real life it is based out in a small town. If you want to be the most successful in Life you must work and sometimes you gotta do thinks that you dont want to. There are police forces that the brave and courageous join to protect the citizens of Tierra Robada. The main objective for the police is to stop all the crime because there is a very high crime rate in Tierra Robada there are gangs strolling around the streets at night and bad things happen to good people. Money is one of the most powerful things but it sometimes it causes more harm then good.

We Have a Very good staff and they have aggreed to not abuse their commands and that they will always do best by the server. The members that we have so far are extremely nice and they dont abuse other players. We have rules and if members break them they get punished. If you keep on breaking the rules on the server you will be Temporary Banned. If you are caught Hacking you will be permanatly banned but if you have evidence that you didnt break the rules you are able to post a ban appeal on the Forums.

TRES (Tierra Robada Emergency Services)
TRSD (Tierra Robada Sherrif's Department
Hitman Agency
TRNews (Tierra Robada News)
TRAF (Tierra Robada Air Force)


Final Genesis Roleplay

SAMP Server Ads! 131zui
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SAMP Server Ads! Empty
PostSubject: Cisco City Roleplay   SAMP Server Ads! EmptyMon 24 Sep - 14:56

SAMP Server Ads! Ciscoc10
SAMP Server Ads! Ts

Our website: ciscocityrp.com
Our IP:

SAMP Server Ads! 110

SAMP Server Ads! 210

SAMP Server Ads! 310

SAMP Server Ads! 410

About Us

•Our Sever has unique features
•We are a hard working admin team to maintain rules and high quality roleplay
•We have nice and friendly admin team
•We have many factions you can join
•We have many 0.3e Features
•Weekly or daily updates sometimes
•We have custom maps
•we have a unique script
•We have 200 players registered
•We have a friendly community

Unique Mappings
- Our server has many unique mappings.
- We have a custom housing system at one side of Fort Carson, where you /buyhouse at a icon next to the door, and you just walk in instead of /enter.
- We're adding furniture shops where you can buy furniture for the side of the custom/unique housing.
- Our server also has a shopping centre with shopping karts, and theres no /enter in there either, you just walk in without any page loading at all.
- We have a unique gas station in Fort Carson.
- We have a unique airport mapped into Fort Carson.
- We have a unique FBI HQ.
- We have a unique Donut Shop - construction site.
- We have a unique FCSD HQ coming soon.
- We have a unique FD station(Credits:Boo).
- A very unique mechanic job spot.
- Unique Coalmining job.
- Basicly everywhere you look in the server, theres something unique.

Why should you join us?

- We're a hard working community.
- We hit 20 players the first day we opened[10 months ago].
- We treat everyone with respect, and kindness.
- We have weekly, sometimes daily updates to the server.
- We have many unique maps.
- We have many sidejobs that you can use, [No wait time for /quitjob].
- Our server is based in Fort Carson
- We switched our server to France about a month ago for less lagg and better gameplay.
- If you join us, the higher the playerbase goes and you invite your friends, the higher chance of another admin spot to be open for you.

More About us
- We just opened a few days ago after being locked for a month due to the owners going on vacation.
- We have a pretty good playerbase level.
- If there are more players there are more admin slots open and more FCSD and FCFD and EMS slots open to join.
- We started this server about 7 months ago and it's never been down since.
- We are looking to make this one of the best servers in Fort Carson with your help.
- We will appreciate any mapping help or any help with getting players on the server.
- We have a very unique script and we're proud to share it with everyone here.

This is our unique shopping centre.
SAMP Server Ads! 246jnzs
SAMP Server Ads! 23vceo5
SAMP Server Ads! 16rtc1
SAMP Server Ads! 16rtc1
SAMP Server Ads! 6ge9o2
SAMP Server Ads! 15zihk6

This is our unique basketball courts
SAMP Server Ads! 2nv5yfb

This is our unique housing system(No /enter just walk in)
SAMP Server Ads! Ofab9v
SAMP Server Ads! 16bn9yd

This is our unique gas station
SAMP Server Ads! 2rw2ijo

There are many more things inside this unique server based in Fort Carson, just come in game and experience it yourself! we hope to see you in the server.
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SAMP Server Ads! Empty
PostSubject: NYRP   SAMP Server Ads! EmptyFri 26 Oct - 14:44

NYRP a new Roleplay server.
A high chance to be the Mayor.
Likely will make it into the FBI faction
Alot of spots open for good jobs.
Come quick before the spots are taken.
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SAMP Server Ads! Empty
PostSubject: Half Past Dead Roleplay   SAMP Server Ads! EmptyThu 1 Nov - 23:09

SAMP Server Ads! 96q3T


Half Past Dead Roleplay


Coming Soon

The Server is filled with Survival Elements that you are basically going to need once surviving in the wild, the game is focused on "San Francisco" from a big time city now a city filled with ash and redemption. There are a few things you need to know, but visit our forums to really get to know it better.

hpdrp.createaforum.com ~ forums
hpdrp.webs.com ~ website

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SAMP Server Ads! Empty
PostSubject: Real Life Role Play   SAMP Server Ads! EmptyFri 2 Nov - 14:29

Server name: Real Life Role Play


Info: We just got a hosted tab, the scripting is awesome, also the admin team is caring and helpful. All we need now is a player base meaning YOU guys <3
=[img]SAMP Server Ads! Sa-mp-15[/img]
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SAMP Server Ads! Empty
PostSubject: TacoLand Turf War | 500 Slots   SAMP Server Ads! EmptyThu 8 Nov - 19:14

Name: TacoLand Prison Role-Play
pictures: SAMP Server Ads! AuthInter-landing-slider-01-read_567_340_80_s
Description: Its an amazing server you wont regret joining trust me :3
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SAMP Server Ads! Empty
PostSubject: AM:RP   SAMP Server Ads! EmptySun 11 Nov - 21:42

New Amsterdam Roleplay is a new server who is looking new players. It's a nice medium RP server for the new and experienced players. We are a nice, new and fresh server and we have to offer you some nice and fresh updates from our own scripters. We even do have the best maps to improve the RP on our server.

General Information:
Name : New amsterdam Roleplay.
Owner : Herman B Stiffman
Co-Owner : Michael L Finn
Script : AM-RP V2.0
Site : Na-roleplay.tk

We have to offer you:
- Nice Mappings
- Nice Script
- Good Community
- Good organised factions
- Dynamic housing
- Dynamic Business
- Nice scripted VIP system.

You can always join a faction and maybe we will even make you a leader. Some factions are:
- Los Santos Police Department : To protect and serve Los Santos and it surrounding communities.
- Federal Bureau of Investigations : To do undercover work and make casefiles on the biggest criminals of the state.
- Government : Government is the company to keep Los Santos clean and organised.
- San Andreas Fire Departement : To help people out of dangerous situations.
- Hitman Agency : The Hitman agency is there to eliminate people for money.
- San Andreas News : Those newsreporters will bring you the best and newest news in-town.

Refund :
We don't refund anymore!

See you in the server.
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Michael Trev

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SAMP Server Ads! Empty
PostSubject: Re: SAMP Server Ads!   SAMP Server Ads! EmptyMon 12 Nov - 8:53

Name: Florida Streets RolePlay
pictures: N/A but Decorative
Description: Florida Streets RP is meant to be like Florida... Relaxing, not so hardcore. FS-RP is a Light Roleplay server.
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SAMP Server Ads! Empty
PostSubject: Re: SAMP Server Ads!   SAMP Server Ads! EmptyTue 13 Nov - 13:30

NAME: Tehomylly Vortex v2 RP
IP: tehomylly.no-ip.org
PORT: 7777

Fresh and new server installation with Vortex2 RP mod. NEED ADMINISTRATORS! Apply via PM or go to serveradress/gta. (Without port)
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SAMP Server Ads! Empty
PostSubject: SU roleplay *NEW*   SAMP Server Ads! EmptyTue 13 Nov - 16:33

Name: SU Gaming RolePlay
Description: New roleplay server, we can use paramedics, police officers, and gang people..
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SAMP Server Ads! Empty
PostSubject: Life In The 90's RP   SAMP Server Ads! EmptyWed 14 Nov - 2:41

Check this out!
Join us!
HostName: Life In The 90's RP [ENG]
Mode: L90-RP Ver 0.1 Beta
Map: Red County
Also get your friends to play in here too!
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SAMP Server Ads! Empty
PostSubject: Life in the 90's Roleplay   SAMP Server Ads! EmptyWed 14 Nov - 20:19

HostName: Life In The 90's Roleplay
Max Players: 100
Mode: L90-RP Ver 0.2
Map: Red County
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SAMP Server Ads! Empty
PostSubject: CIA-RP(Roleplay) {REFUND}-{FREE VIP}   SAMP Server Ads! EmptyFri 16 Nov - 16:27



Host Name: CIA-Gaming Community [0.3e]
Ping: 40s-100s - It Varies - In most Countries
Mode: CIA-RP v6.8
Map: San Andreas
Website: [www].rp.ciaclan.net


Here at CIA we are proud to finally be-able to release our GTA: SA:MP Role-

play Server! Our staff is one of the most state of the art mappers&scripters that have

experienced all kinds of RP, and SA:MP servers. We have been playing SA:MP for months and

months now in other servers and they were great but we decided that it was the perfect

time to create our own unique server. Our SA:MP Staff is offering every single player one

of the best written scripts out there for SA:MP thanks to our amazing friend (remains

anonymous) & also edited by CIA! We are also offering state of the art filter scripts to

improve everyone's game play. We have amazing guides and systems in order to provide you

the best role-play experience!. Do you think we are kidding? Of course not! Join Us and

you will find out for yourself's! The features of our script is just so mind blowing and


Owning A Property

Our Staff has made it so you can own various properties - through houses to

shops, garages, you name it! If you can't own what you want to own then we will make it

happen! As as it would make sense to real life. Every place is unique, and can provide

you much profit or fun! The best thing is, there will always be houses and such


Taking Part In A Faction

Our server is filled with awesome factions to be apart of! Below you will find the

list of our factions we have to offer along with the Factions that need leadership!

1. LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) - Leadership Status - Chief=

Closed. Deputy Chief=Open.
2. FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigations) - Leadership Status - Director=

Closed. Deputy Director=Open.

3. SFPD (San Fierro Police Department) - Leadership Status - Chief=

Open. Deputy Chief=Open.

4. SAFD (San Andreas Fire Department) - Leadership Status - Fire Chief=

Open. Assistant Fire Chief=Open.

5. JS (Judicial System) - Leadership Status - Chief Justice of the Supreme

Court=Open. Associate Justice of the Supreme Court=


6. GOV (Government) - Leadership Status - Governor=Closed.

Lieutenant Governor=Open.

7. SASD (San Andreas Sheriffs Department) - Leadership Status - Sheriff=

Open. Lead Officer=Open.

8. HA (Hitman Agency) - Leadership Status - Director=Open

. Vice Director=Open.

9. SA News (San Andreas News) - Leadership Status - Network Producer=

Open. Asst. Network Producer=Open.

10. TC (Taxi Company) - Leadership Status - Taxi Company Owner=

. Shift Supervisor=Open.

11. SANG ( San Andreas National Guard) - Leadership Status - First

Lieutenant=Open. Second Lieutenant=Open.

12. TR (Tierra Robada) - Leadership Status - Executive Officer of RC=

Open. Ruling Council Member=Open.

13. SWAT (NOOSE) - Leadership Status - Supreme Commander=Open

. Vice Commander=Open.

14. A'Q (Al'Qaeda) - Leadership Status - Chief of Al'Qaeda=Open

. Lt. Al'Qaeda=Open.

15. RR (Rapid Recovery) - Leadership Status - Head=Open.

Deputy Head=Open.

Taking Part In A Family

If you like owning your own gang / mafia then sending a family leadership

request in our forums would be a smart choice! We have it made so families can own any

type of hood they want as well as each family slot can own up to 45 cars in their hood.

How freaking amazing is that for a family? Think about it, your family can have any type

of car you want, every family vehicle is locked and is only restricted to your family

members, and you can have your hood anywhere you want! No need to ask the administrators

where the hood can go whatsoever! We are currently allowing 10 Families in our server.

Once we see that those family slots get filled then that's when we will increase the

slots! Also, we have a complete robbery system for you families. Watch out for the cops

though Very Happy

A Little Bit About Our Staff

The staff of our server is always available to answer your questions,

suggestions, reports or appeals, and help you on your unique and special RP journey.

TH=hey are the absolute most friendliest and mature administrators. Our server

administrators have developed the most outstanding social & communication skills to

provide to our SA:MP players. The admins and moderators work really hard to make sure

that our players are happy and are enjoying CIA-RP.

We have an anti-hack system, so there is no need to worry about your role-play and gaming

/ events with hacking on weapons, flying, no damage, etc. Our staff knows very well how

to do their job so if you come join us - you will always be safe in our server.

Just to let you know, the information that has been provided

above is not all we have. If your so interested in finding out then do not hesitate to

join our server!



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SAMP Server Ads!
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