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 California City Roleplay

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PostSubject: California City Roleplay   California City Roleplay EmptyWed 30 Jan - 17:01

Hello My Name Is Kris1000ish.And I Have Put Up A Brand New Roleplay Samp Server Up Two Days Ago.We Have Been Editing And Scripting This Server For Two Monthes.

New Updates By Our Scripters

New Admin Light
New Command For Admins /Aduty
New Automatic Refund
All Bugs Fixed
All New Mappings
New Hook N Book And S.H.A.F.T Faction
New Commands
New Automatic Messages
New Houses
All New Interiors
New /Pdl Light For S.H.A.F.T,Police Dept,Sheriff Dept
Neon Script For Platinum VIP
Add New Dealer Ships
New Radio /radio
New Trucking Job
Many New Commands For Helpers
New Streamer
New YSI Plugins
All Factions Renamed

VIP (Bronze VIP, Silver VIP, Gold VIP, and Platinum VIP)
House System
Newbie chat
Material Points
IC Jail and OOC Jail
Car System

Taxi Driver
Arms Dealer
Drug Dealer
Drug Smuggler

Los Angeles Police Dept
Los Angeles Goverment
Los Angeles Sheriff Dept
Hook N Book Towing/Mechanic/Repo
Los Angeles News
Los Angeles Fire Dept
Los Angeles Judicial System

We Have A Very Kind Admin Team That Are Always There To Help Our Players.
We Only Update The Server To Make It More Fun For Our Members

SAMP Server IP:
Find Us On Teamspeak At nyts.vortexservers.com:10003

We Hope To See You Here Are Some Videos Of The Mappings And Updates.

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California City Roleplay
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