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 Liberation Group Roleplay [Starter Package + Double XP]

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Liberation Group Roleplay [Starter Package + Double XP] Empty
PostSubject: Liberation Group Roleplay [Starter Package + Double XP]   Liberation Group Roleplay [Starter Package + Double XP] EmptyMon 2 Mar - 8:58

Liberation Group Roleplay [Starter Package + Double XP] VqfDxcC


About the server and the staff

Hello there, we the people at Liberation Group Gaming strive to provide top notch gaming services to our new and old members, we offer unique features and unique roleplay opportunities to all the people out there interested into a [Medium/High] roleplay server that has many features to offer. Our staff works 24/7 to provide the best service around and fun, events organized by our Public Relations team are made every now and then giving people a chance to getting something for their dedication.

A list of events we currently offer is stated below:
- Find the point. An administrator creates a dynamic point with a set reward which can vary from in game money to cars,houses,gates and even VIP statuses anything can be in those points! The administrator making the event will be occasionally handing out hints as to where the point might be at and announces the winner. The winner is the person that finds the point and does the command to claim it((/claimpoint)).
- TDM/Free for all events. An administrator creates a dynamic event where people join for one of the 2 types for a deathmatch game where they release tension and win a prize.
- Racing event. An administrator creates the racing event in different areas where the most skilled driver races to end to take the cup home with it's prizes of course.

General features list

- Unique mapping made around Los Santos to ensure roleplay locations for players where they can enjoy themselves and have roleplay scenarios.
- Groups are there to provide roleplay opportunities for players, therefore groups can be created dynamically in the game where most of the parameters for groups can be edited, and do not require scripting.
- Entrances have been made for players to create their custom headquarters and houses, people can own entrances and lock them, also an administrator can modify it to the players liking from the pickup model to group/gang permissions ,entrance name and more!
- Gates for factions and players to add to their houses and/or headquarters they have different parameters which can let an admin modify it on the players liking, speed,rotation,group,VIP status.
- Our toy system has been specially made for players to have dynamic objects added to themselves, therefore providing their character an unique look and an interesting aspect. Many parameters can be changed by the player in-game ((/pa)) from position to size and color ((DVIP-WIP)).
- Players can drop weapons on the floor and see it appear as it would in real life, players can pickup the weapons and use them without issues, dropping guns has a security measure making sure players cannot pickup just any gun. (( Miniguns and knifes cannot be picked up - they are usually dropped by administrators ))
- Rope down from the sky! It is now part of the script that players can use the rope to go down from a police maverick , it is made specially for Law Enforcement Agencies for Joint Operations and SWAT OPS.
- House furniture for the players to customize their homes even further providing them with unique 'mapping' without the need of donations or waiting time for it to get implemented the DIY era has begun.
- Business groups have been created to provide players with roleplay opportunities to create their own emporium of power and money or just have a silent local store where they can work in the family or with friends the business can be created in-game and players buy them from each other or directly from the state. Currently available business types are: 24/7,Nightclub/Bar,Dealership,Gas Station,Fast Food, Restaurant, Clothing Store, Weapon Store.
- Referral shop and referral system where people can invite their friends and their friends can enter the persons name and put them as referee and win prizes which they can share with you.
- Mobile devices with applications, contacts, messages, advertisement everything and more.
- Many jobs to choose from, dynamic objects around the city, roleplay opportunities and more it would take too long to list all the server has to offer so why not jump in game and find them all out yourself?

What now?

Getting started in the server couldn't be easier, we all know it's hard to start over, get a new life, new friends, new places, but you came here to do this therefore when you log in the first thing greeting you is the registration screen where the important second step verification code is registered don't forget this! Shortly after the roleplay test appears, in order to ensure that all of our players have fun while coming to our server we decided to add a minimal roleplay test which will decide if you can enter the server or not. All set? Well that's quick the next screen will be the screen where you pick your age, sex etcetera once you've picked your characters options you can pass on to your spawn point where if someone referred you to the server you can give him a hand to win extra prizes.

The staff at LGG does not offer any refunds for any other servers therefore please refrain from asking for refunds as it would just get denied.

Groups and gangs what are they exactly?

Here at Liberation Group Gaming we strive to offer our players the best experience possible therefore we offer them the ability to join groups ,gangs, mafias,associations,motorcycle clubs as defaults then if they have a unique idea and they have the right support they will have their ideas materialized in games. As in the general feature list groups can be edited and created on the fly and very little time. The groups that Liberation Group Gaming offers from default are as follows yet they are not limited as they may change at any given time:

Los Santos Police Department the heart of the groups, the starting place for many people and the nightmare for others due to it's role as the cities protector the LSPD has been rated as a beginner entry level group and therefore the requirements to join it are minimum.
**Note: Hiring members.
Los Santos Medical/Fire Department is the bare bone of the society the heroes that many search for are born here, the people that are part of the LSMFD are true heroes that save the lives of those in desperate situations . The LSMFD is also a beginner entry level group therefore the requirements to join are minimum.
**Note: Hiring members.
San Andreas Sheriffs Department the protectors of the outskirts, the people that work for SASD are dedicated to supervising the counties and ensuring that peace rules, SASD's duties are not different from LSPD's yet they have higher requirements for their staff and applicants. SASD is a high entry level group therefore the requirements to join it are above average.
**Note: Hiring members.
The Government is the brain of the entire the country they ensure everything works as it should and they supervise all of the actions taken by LSPD, SASD and LSMFD, the government issues warrants for police officers to search peoples properties, issues the monthly payments for the groups and therefore paying for the city infrastructure. Government is a medium to high entry level group and requirements may vary as the leadership varies.
**Note: Hiring members.

A small list of the requirements some groups are require is listed bellow :
- The applicant must have a working microphone and teamspeak installed correctly.
- The applicant must behave as a mature person and not create trouble.
- The applicant must be able to register on the LGG forums and use them. // not needed yet
- The applicant must know all of the rules that are listed on the LGG forums.
- The applicant must fluently type/speak in english as this is an english server.
- The applicant must have average or above average roleplay skills in order to fit the medium to high roleplay environment.

If you feel that you have what it takes to lead or be part of any of the above groups then come by our forums to apply for a group or if you are interested in leading one of the open ones then come by our teamspeak and wait in the Pending Admin Assistance channel for a Gaming Operations member to talk to you.

If the groups are not for you and you are looking for more action and more suspense from your roleplay why not join or even create your own gang? They can be created on the fly and without problems gangs can have any theme and role and they don't have to fit a specific criteria yet the requirements to create a gang are increased due to people tending to create them and then leave it without letting anyone know.

- The applicant must have a gang that is bigger or equal to 7 trusted members.
- The applicant must have roleplayed for at least a week un-officially in order to be eligible for a gang slot.
- The applicant must not be a known rule breaker and/or troll.

Gangs are not listed here as they continuously change and disappear, therefore I shall list all of the features a gang has:

- Headquarters which can be locked on a per gang identification number basis
- Remotely locked gates on a per identification number basis
- Leaders can customize the gang themselves using the /adjustgang command
- Gang locked vehicles which can be created in game on the fly.
- And many more that I will not list here.

What if I don't want to be in a group nor in gang?

Here at Liberation Group Gaming we offer many careers for the people who do not wish to join a group or a gang and want to live their lives as normal people, the careers we offer are made to offer people the chance to have a stable income and an enjoyable life style, careers more commonly known as jobs are what keeps the economy stable and alive. The careers that LGG offers are listed below:

- Trucker , this career is for lone wolves who wish to drive around the country transporting vital materials to business and even illegal merchandise to criminal organizations.
- The Bodyguard career is for those who are dedicated to protect a person of course they will not do this for free, everything has a price.
- The Mechanic is the handy man of the community the man who fixes your car when you wreck it, customizes it for you or saves you from walking miles just to get to a gas station.
- The Lawyer, the all knowing person who can get you of trouble with the police with ease, of course everything has a price and with the right pay they'll make anything go away.
- Drug Dealer is that career that people take in order to gain on illegal ways thus by selling drugs to junkies and curios people on the street corner, back alleys or in a gangs headquarters.
- Craftsman is another handy man career where the person takes it upon himself to search for scrap metal and salvage in order to obtain materials for all of his needs.
- Weapons Constructor is the career that few people chose due to the high risks involved with selling illegal weapons on the streets, this career is all about power and money.
- Taxi Driver is the main career in the city people start off by buying a car and buying themselves the required taximeter, they set their fairs , announce they are looking for work. They are the masters of San Andreas as they show people the way to many places or just drive those people who do not want to drive.
- The Detective career is where you work undercover and search for people on request or on the need, of course you can get money out of it, if there are jobs offerings.
- Pizza staff they work at the Pizza Stack down in Idlewood where they work day and night to provide the citizens of San Andreas their warm pizza, Pizza staff do their best to deliver in record times and still have it warm for when they arrive.

We need your help to render this community even better!

We are actively looking for people that are interested in helping us with the community and render it a better place for everyone as of now we are looking for the following:

- Community Helpers
- Members for all of the groups
- Gang members and gang leaders
- Graphic Designers
- Mappers

Where can you find us at?

You can find us at different networks where we provide updates regarding server development and more.

Youtube: Videos and graphics pushed by our Multimedia Team which work hard to provide news regarding the server.
Forums: Check them daily as we offer new content everyday, not only our users also provide content for everyone else to look at and enjoy reading.

This community wouldn't have existed without the following people which have been working on it non stop since it started making it better for everyone and making sure nobody is being mistreated, the following people are imprinted into this Communities history, unfortunately not everyone is listed here therefore we would like to thank everyone who has participated in this.
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Liberation Group Roleplay [Starter Package + Double XP]
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