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 [ENG] South Central Roleplay [Giveaway Weekend!]

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PostSubject: [ENG] South Central Roleplay [Giveaway Weekend!]   [ENG] South Central Roleplay [Giveaway Weekend!] EmptyFri 30 Jan - 15:21



South Central RolePlay,

Welcome to South Central Role Play! We have been making a brand new server based off of the player’s preferences and desires. Most servers are based off gaining personal wealth for the owners, and rarely care about the players needs. Here at South Central, all that matters is what the players have to say. We are building a community that involves every member equally. Everyone has a chance to express their opinions, and will be treated with respect. We have decided to erase the marketplace as a whole in order to focus on the game itself and not the money + personal benefits. This roleplay server is quite unique from others as it’s economy system is realistic. In order to have power, you need to work for it and earn it. Everything is based off of how you want it to be. If you want to be a millionaire, it’s not going to come easy! Dedication and effort is key. This removes the unfair advantages players have over one another through things like marketplace. Our staff team is very dedicated and takes time out of their lives to personally assist you with any questions, suggestions, or concerns. We hope you enjoy your experience here at South Central, and will do our best to accommodate to your needs!

Thank you for everyone's hard work and feedback for our server.

South Central RolePlay Management.

This is a new and unique server! We are different than others. Our economy is based on real life, and earning is done by actually earning it . So life is fun on South Central Roleplay, as well as realistic. South Central Roleplay has an unbelieveable amount of amazing custom mapping! Our staff team is respectful, and the server is just fun in general ! Give it a try, and trust me, you would not regret it.
Join now and have fun RP'ing !

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[ENG] South Central Roleplay [Giveaway Weekend!]
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