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 Infinity Gaming Roleplay

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Infinity Gaming Roleplay

Infinity Gaming Roleplay is a new gaming community consisting of one roleplay server. it took a while to build that server and update it to an excelent server that 
have almost all the features that other server had and we currently working in developing the server to be the best enviroment to the player to RolePlay in.

We're currently looking for a helpers, family-faction leaders and perhaps some people to lead the server with us.

Server Features :

- We have 18 Factions to be opened as soon as you join the server.- Crate system belong the SAAS Faction.
- Dynamic Business system (( We added the new gas station system ))
- Houses and Dynamic doors are now better then before especially after the update that we made it earlier.
- We opened Tierra Robada City and it had like 4 Factions (( There own Medical Center , Army , Goverment , etc ... ))
- Dynamic Family and turfs System.
- A high developed admin team that have many levels that players can join it, consisting in his qualifications.
- Auto-Ban system for Hackers.
- Many jobs to join like 15 jobs.

- Event system as well.
- Dynamic gate system (( that you can move the gate like moving your toy ))

 Give us a try, you won't regret it!
See you soon.

Currently Refunding!!!!!!
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Infinity Gaming Roleplay
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