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 Venture-Gaming Heavy RP Server

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PostSubject: Venture-Gaming Heavy RP Server   Venture-Gaming Heavy RP Server EmptyFri 17 Jan - 19:01

Hello and welcome, my name's Mark Chaucer and today I'm going to be introducing you too a new gaming community that I've founded. Today I ask for a few minutes of your time to read the overview of my community. I hope you enjoy what I'm going to present too you, and wish you the best experience whilst being apart of Venture Gaming.

Venture Gaming is currently a new community that has been developed as of recent, we strive to make a more enjoyable gaming experience for the sa-mp and overall gaming community. As of right now, we only consist of one game (SA-MP). Our sa-mp server is based in Red County, and is considered Heavy Roleplay with lots of cool features that you can read below. Our aim is to expand, and in the future we are looking forwarding to releasing other servers such as Arma 2 Dayz, Minecraft and lots of other cool games.

Here at Venture Gaming, we only offer the greatest gaming experience. You can expect to see lots of cool features like never before, and on-top of that we have an active development team whom strive to make the server better and better every day. Becoming a member within the community, you can expect to with-hold an honorable position.  You will be respected and thanked for playing here and helping out others. We have a no tolerance rule for trolls, so if you plan on coming here to troll expect to be banned immediately.

Venture Gaming is currently running on an absolutely unique game mode, we consist of many cool features. I'm not going to spoil it for you, although let me briefly list some of them for you. Here at venture gaming, nearly everything is dynamic, this includes but is not limited too; factions, businesses and houses. Once you purchase a vehicle from one of our dynamic dealerships, you will notice that your number plate is blank, you have the option to register it for a small fee, note that its illegal to drive a vehicle without having it registered. We also have a masking system which removes the players name tag, this can be used to roleplay some in depth things such as stealth missions, although to ensure it's not abused we have raised the required level.

Here at Venture Gaming we strive to provide a realistic gaming experience. As we are a heavy roleplay server based in Red County, you will not expect to see supercars/ sports cars. The server is going to be limited to vehicles such as wagons and motorbikes. We don't support factions such as the FBI and what not because we see it as unrealistic in a county-based server. In the future we will be creating advanced drug systems aswell as commands for farm house owners to provide only the most reaslitic experience.

Venture Gaming is administrated by a small team of experienced and mature Administrative members. Administrators go out of their way and dedicate roleplaying time to ensure that everybody is having a fair and enjoyable experience whilst playing at Venture Gaming. No Administrator roles are given out freely or sold, each and every body has to prove themselves before becoming apart of the team. If you're interested in becoming a member we encourage to apply to become a helper to prove that you're worthy of the position, asking will only get you blacklisted.

Venture Gaming provides regular updates, we have our own professional development team whom dedicate hours of work each day to make the server better and better. We are always looking for mappers and scripters so if you think you have got what it takes, send a private message to the head of development. Right now are planning to add more realism, to do this we will be adding in new jobs such as farming. We also want to add more features to farm owners, such as collecting hay and other activities that you do whilst living on a farm in real life. We are always open for suggestions so feel free to submit one the forums!

We thank you for reading our server advertisement and hope too see you soon. Remember are still in beta so the script is going to be receiving a lot more updates in the near future which will make it stand out even more.

Server IP:
Forum: venture-gaming(dot)com (Please register with your in-game name)
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Venture-Gaming Heavy RP Server
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