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 [BETA] [TDM] WarZ v1 [UNIQUE] - lCHM0D - WarZINC

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[BETA] [TDM] WarZ v1 [UNIQUE] - lCHM0D - WarZINC Empty
PostSubject: [BETA] [TDM] WarZ v1 [UNIQUE] - lCHM0D - WarZINC   [BETA] [TDM] WarZ v1 [UNIQUE] - lCHM0D - WarZINC EmptyFri 19 Sep - 1:20

Mode:WarZ TDM DM v1.1 Build - COD
Map:San Andreas

A new TDM server! A unique server based on nothing but war! I will be implementing new features every week! Come join us today! Or.. even visit our website!  Smile i-m.mx/OP411/WarZINC/home.html


5 continents | Africa - America - Asia - Europe - Australia | are in a non-stop war. You have to defend your continent and capture zones to give it more power, capture enemies prototypes to weaken enemies forces, kill other players and much more. You can also ally and make peace with other players from enemy teams. But be careful, it's about the world war! So get ready to fight!


Over 40 Capturable zones all over SA
- Headshots System with Sniper (+2score)
Team Capture Assist (Example : When no one is helping you to capture a zone, you have to wait 25 seconds, when 1 teammate is helping you, then you have to wait only 12.5 seconds)
- Capturing Spree System
- Killing Spree System
- Unique Administration system (Admin panels)
20 Seconds Capture time for Donor rank 1
- 15 Seconds Capture time for Donor rank 2
- 10 Seconds Capture time for Donor rank3
- Advanced Donor System (Unique features and cmds)
Secured login/register system (No dialog Skip mod with cleo mods | Account logon/stealing)
- 5 Teams
Knowledges system : Knowledges can be acquired by earning XP from the continent academy and are used at the same time : Example; Sniper knowledge, bomber knowledge..
- +2 scores when you prevent an enemy from capturing a zone
- Multiple server Languages (Spanish * English)
- Highly optimized script
Mother Of the world system : The continent which has most zones captured will lead the world and declare war on other continents
- SS System : Spawn Selection on all zones (including base)
- Special Zones : ITS (allows you to track enemies captured zones) + more zones will be added in the next update
Prototypes System -
- Random Messages
Vehicles All over SA
- XP System with XP Bar
Capture Bar
- Controlled zones appear in green in /ss, non controlled zones appear in red
- Player Alliance system : Enemies can ally at the united nations and capture zones together!
- Inventory System (with inventory object)
Support flares system
- Anti Weapon hack system
Anti Spawn Kill system
- Player gets extra XP for killing an enemy in his continent
+ Much more features that I can't mention here!

Admin Panels:

-Operator: /opanel
-Trial Admin: /tapanel
-Server Admin: /svpanel
-Senior Admin: /sepanel
-Lead Admin: /lpanel
-Head Admin: /hpanel

Player CMDs:

**Knowledges CMDS:
-Bomber: /mine
-Advanced Soldier: /invis /uninvis
-JetTrooper: /jp
-Spy: /dis /undis
-Medic: /heal

**Normal CMDS:
/savestats /spree /ranks /mapicons /inventory /plantflare /ally /stats /report /kill /knowledges /help /rules /ss /pm /rpm /r /ep /operators /admins /ask /cmds /donors /st

**Donor CMDS:

**Donor Rank 1 Commands:
/dheal /dcar /dnos /dammo /dcc
/dreport /dheli

**Donor Rank 2 Commands:
/dheal /dcar /dbike /dweaps /dskin /dcc
/dnos /dammo /dtime /dreport /dweather

**Donor Rank 3 Commands:
/dheal /dbike /dskin /dcc/dnos /dtime
/dboost /dweaps /dnos /dcar /dammo
/dreport /dweather /dbt


Cost: 20XP.
Features: Unlock new weapon (sniper rfile) | Headshots with sniper rifle.

Cost: 50XP.
Features: Can heal team mates using /heal

Cost: 65XP.
Features: Can drive Sea Sparrows | Unlock new weapons (Deagle - Spaz - Sawn Off - AK47)

Cost: 90XP.
Features: Explosive ammo using country rifle ( explosive ammo packs can be purchased from the weaponary ).

Cost: 100XP.
Features: Press Y in a vehicle to explode. | Unlock new weapons ( Stachels )

Cost: 300XP.
Features: Use /mine to plant a mine ( mine packs can be purchased from the weaponary ) | Unlock new weapons ( Grenade - Molotov ).

Cost: 500XP
Features: Can drive Rhinos | Unlock new weapons ( RPG ).

Cost: 900XP.
Features: Can disguise using /dis and undisguise using /undis ( Spy disguisement packs can be purchased from the weaponary ) | Can damage enemy driver in a vehicle while passenger using SPACE key | Unlock new weapons ( Knife - Silenced 9mm - Infra Red Goggles ).

**Advanced Soldier:
Cost: 950 XP.
Features: Can pilot hunters | Can become invisible in a vehicle using /invis and /uninvis to become visible | Unlock new weapons ( M4 ).

Cost: 1000XP.
Features: Can pilot hydras

**Jet Trooper:
Cost: 1500XP.
Features: Can use jet packs using /jp ( jet packs can be purchased from the weaponary ). | Unlock new weapons ( UZI - Tec9 ).

[BETA] [TDM] WarZ v1 [UNIQUE] - lCHM0D - WarZINC FavENA5

[BETA] [TDM] WarZ v1 [UNIQUE] - lCHM0D - WarZINC GSb825i

[BETA] [TDM] WarZ v1 [UNIQUE] - lCHM0D - WarZINC Y7Iq8vi

[BETA] [TDM] WarZ v1 [UNIQUE] - lCHM0D - WarZINC TYdE89K

[BETA] [TDM] WarZ v1 [UNIQUE] - lCHM0D - WarZINC IH7b0Nv

[BETA] [TDM] WarZ v1 [UNIQUE] - lCHM0D - WarZINC MAMwg7l

[BETA] [TDM] WarZ v1 [UNIQUE] - lCHM0D - WarZINC CsYr4Ux

[BETA] [TDM] WarZ v1 [UNIQUE] - lCHM0D - WarZINC DDyejO5

Additional Features:

A rocket system! Blast of to the moon to start a war!

Events! A party system! Hitman! More coming soon!

Friendly owner! Smile

First 10 players to join get donator status 3 for 1 week!

Anti-cheat system! Will prevent all known cheats! No more spirit killers!

More coming soon!
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[BETA] [TDM] WarZ v1 [UNIQUE] - lCHM0D - WarZINC
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