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 Magnetic RP-IP: samp.magneticgaming.com:7777

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PostSubject: Magnetic RP-IP: samp.magneticgaming.com:7777   Sun 2 Jun - 21:38


Hello and we welcome you to what we believe will be a very enjoyable experience for you! We are an upcoming SAMP RP server. We have a large list of features custom scripted in by and expert scripter. Look below for a full list of new features we added in!

1:dynamic Faction and family system.
2:new areas in the map we think people will love
3:added a lot of new items for users to purchase in-game
4:have a unique unmanned bus servicing players
5:a new bank robbing system
6:a custom scripted death system

just go to magneticgaming .com for the forums!
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Magnetic RP-IP: samp.magneticgaming.com:7777
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