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 SAMP Server Ads!

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PostSubject: County Roleplay   Sat 29 Jun - 14:04

Name: County Roleplay - county-rp.com
Ip: sv.county-rp.com or
Description: Well,this is a Hard Roleplaying server located in Red County. We have many unique features within a fully dynamic and mysql based gamemode you will not find on the internet. We need leaders for goverment factions.We even have a Live Support feature on our website for quick problem solving. For More details visit us at county-rp.com
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PostSubject: Urban Gaming Roleplay |    Sat 29 Jun - 17:50

Name: Urban Gaming roleplay | urban-gaming.com
pictures:(Coming soon!!)
Description: Recently we have made a few changes regarding the server location and its features. We have now got a Hosted Tab position once again and we have also moved datacenter and operating systems which should resolve any issues people have been expierencing.

The Fire & Police departments have both had some radical changes in the past week and there is still a few more to come. Interiors, Commands and Abilitys have all been addressed and changed accordingly to fit their needs.

We also have a new Fire Chief (Jason Nace) as the previous one had to retire due to commitments elsewhere. The admin team view this as a good result on all accounts and are hoping for a great improvement in the fire department.
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PostSubject: Re: SAMP Server Ads!   Sun 30 Jun - 5:14

HostName: [0.3x] eXtreme Missions v5
Players: 20 / 43
Ping: 96
Mode: DM/TDM/Race/Missions
Map: Ocean Docks
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PostSubject: Come and join our new server!!   Sat 20 Jul - 13:04

Name: The High Life <<Legendary Aviators>>


Pictures: Full gallery on the website (www)GTAHIGHLIFE(dot)(com)

Description: High Life is the place for pilots to kick back and enjoy flying missions from custom made airports to familiar ones, earning money and buying cars or property. The High Life features multiple types of missions in all planes, helis, and some boats. We also have a trucking system incorporated for those who like to drive. We are live as of 7/1/13, try us out and enjoy!
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PostSubject: my server   Sun 21 Jul - 11:38

*****-_-_-Ultimate Freeroam-_-_-*****

ultimate freeroam

i sometimes change the mode

no need to pay to be a vip you will only need to kill 10 in dm
what i mean is to have 10x kill streak without dying.
and if i see that you may deserve to be an amin i will give it to you i have 10 admin levels
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PostSubject: |UltimateGaming.cz.cc| Freeplay RP Jobs + More!   Tue 27 Aug - 5:51

HostName: |UltimateGaming.cz.cc| Freeplay RP Jobs + More!
Mode: Freeroam Freeplay Jobs RP
Map: San Andreas
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PostSubject: Hiring Faction member, gangs,   Thu 10 Oct - 23:23

Name:Xtreme Gaming Roleplay
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PostSubject: Looking for players   Thu 10 Oct - 23:25

Name:Pak Reality Roleplay Server
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PostSubject: RP server   Thu 10 Oct - 23:26

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PostSubject: Redemption Gaming Roleplay   Sat 12 Oct - 22:32

Name : Redemption Gaming Roleplay [Refund | Hiring]
IP :
Description : We are a new server, looking for competant admins/scripters/mappers.
We give a refund :
- Level 5
- $500,000 On-Hand
- $1,000,000 In-Bank
- 50 Pot
- 50 Crack
- Gold Vip
If you come on the server and bring your friends, I will hire you as a helper and you will upgrade fast to an admin. Come fast, the Redemption is waiting for you and remember : Enjoy your time with us, you won't regret it.
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PostSubject: Danger Line Gaming Presents: Project: Razer [REFUNDING] [HIRING ADMINS]   Sun 13 Oct - 17:07


HIRING ADMINS: More information at the end.

Dynamic Locker: With a sufficient Administrator level, you can create these without leaving the game. If a gang or faction is accepted on our forums, you get one of these automatically.

Dedicated Hosting:  Our server will never be down, unless we are applying more scripts from our expert scripter.

Events Everyday!:  We promise that we will have event at least 3 times a week.

Fair Judgement:  We promise that we will always give you a fair judgement. If you were death-matched, and someone stole your mats, we will return your mats, jail the person for such a non roleplay crime.


Private Investigator
Ocean Docks Trucking (Trucker Coon)
Arms Dealer
Drugs Dealer
Much more


Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
Los Santos Police Department (LSPD)
Government (Mayor, Governor)
Fire Department of San Andreas
More to be scripted in.

More Information:

We also need top-quality leaders for certain factions. We are refunding, 1 house (no gate) silver VIP, 1 car (no exotics, must pay for those, rule not final) and we are hiring admins. The link to the form will be with our server IP.


Server IP:

TeamSpeak IP: Not Yet Availible

Administration Application Contact me on Skype for the link RazerTT
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PostSubject: Call Of Duty - World At War   Tue 5 Nov - 17:17

Name:Call Of Duty - World At War
6 Teams(United States,Europe,Arabica,Soviet,Austrailla,Mercenary)

Soviet Base:

Server Rules(/rules):

Server Commands(/cmds):

United States Base:

Europe Base:


Arabica Base:

Austrailla Base:

Rank system.
Capturable zones.(15)
Donor system.
Laser system.
Radio system for team chatting. (/r)
Killing spree system + rewards.
[Icon] to to buy weapons(Briefcase Icon).
Much More.

>> Donor Features

Custom Mapped House Donation

This donation reward gives you an ingame house, you decide it's location!
All features are enabled.

You decide the location of your house! (Exception: You can not own a house in or near the ''team bases".)

/getcar - Teleports your car to your house (Max. 10 cars can be stored)
/park - Save your car near your house.

Prices will depend from used objects.

> 1 EUR = 20 objects
> 3 EUR = 50 objects
> 5 EUR = 80 objects
> 10 EUR = 100+ objects

Score Donation

Always dreamed of an easy way of having a lot of score? Well, stop dreaming! With this option you can actually buy score.

> 1 EUR = 200 score
> 2 EUR = 400 score
> 3 EUR = 600 score
> 4 EUR = 800 score
> 5 EUR = 1000 score

City Zone Donation

This donation reward gives you city zone.

You decide the location of your city zone! (Exception: It can't be inside city centre.)

Prices will depend from used objects.

> 1 EUR = 20 objects
> 3 EUR = 50 objects
> 5 EUR = 80 objects
> 10 EUR = 100+ objects

Last edited by Maria100 on Sat 9 Nov - 14:45; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : IP CHANGED!PLEASE READ IT)
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PostSubject: Night Bridge Roleplay [ nb-rp.net]   Tue 26 Nov - 15:33

Name Of The Server: Night Bridge Roleplay
Owners: Tazz Chicano (Tazz) and Scox Chicano (Scox)
Forum : nb-rp.net

Night Bridge Roleplay is based on recreating roleplay and fun atmosphere such as older servers had.
The players are the first priority and fun it all the really matters in this game but unfortunately some have forgot that.
Currently set in Los Santos but we very much wish to expand into Red County, then San Fierro and Las Venturas if the player base ever becomes large enough to do this.
Staff team is really expirenced, They are not corrupt and they will give you the best assistance you can have.
Helper team is expirenced within the script aswell, They are nowhere near being corrupt and we are searching for new helpers.

Key Features

A MySQL Saving System
Leveling system with paycheck system that is designed to prevent paycheck farming.
A helper team to assistant you over newbie chat or even through /requesthelp
Currently 16 jobs available and we're planning to add even more (Detective, Lawyer, Sweeper, Drug Dealer, Car Jacker, Car Mechanic, Bodyguard, Arms Dealer, Boxer, Drug Smuggler, Taxi Driver, Pizza Boy, Trucker, Bartender, Craftsman, Fisher).
There are currently 6 factions: LSPD, FBI, LSFMD, Hitman Agency, San News & Government.
14 families composed out of gang oriented and mafia-oriented families, all with different themes.
A crew system for families (/crewhelp)
Points system for gangs to fight over several territories.
Player owned vehicle system with vehicle dealerships throughout the city.
Advanced /setradio system to stream online radio stations from Shoutcast.
Several custom clubs throughout the city that play music from online radio stations.
All the 0.3x features.
And alot of more new systems have been added!

Join us today and enjoy!


Server Address: [ ]

Our Website:[ nb-rp.net ]
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Join date : 2014-01-06

PostSubject: HDservers.NeT RP and DM   Mon 6 Jan - 1:23

HostName: ••«®»••[> GTA HDservers.Net OFFICIAL <]••«®»••
Players: 30 / 200
Ping: 2
Mode: ® DM-RP
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PostSubject: [0.3x]Call Of Duty - World At War(   Mon 6 Jan - 12:26


Hi, I'm here to present you my TDM server that has been created a month ago. We are new and still developing our server as well as our community. We are on hosted tab and we are hosted by ColorHost Hosting. We are an Indian community/server.

Server Name : -> Call of Duty : World at War <-
Version : v2
Server IP :
Server Website : forum-codwawsa-mp.tk
Server owners : Arjan , Aayush
•Server Co-Owner : BlackTiger


•5 Teams
•Unique Voice Assist
•Rank system.
•Class system.
•Capturable zones.
•Donor system.
•Laser system.
•Radio system for team chatting. (/r)
•Killing spree system + rewards.
•Donors/Admins(.)/Lvl 5+ admins(@)/HR Managers($) have their own chats.
•8 Admin Ranks.
•Briefcase to to buy weapons.
•Class selection with class restrictions.
•3D Text Overhead
•PM system with dnd mode!
•Sync (/sync) command


Donor Rank 1

-1000 score In game.
-$50,000 cash In game.
-Donor Rank 1 on Forum
-VIP Chat / Board

Donor Rank 2

-4000 score In game.
-$100,000 cash In game.
-Donor Rank 2 on Forum
-VIP Chat / Board
-Moderator Stats

Donor Rank 3

-10000 score In game.
-$500,000 cash In game.
-Donor Rank 3 on Forum
-VIP Chat / Board
- Admin Rank 2

Please note that your name will appeal in /vips list, as-well as your donor level.
You will also have donor status on forums, and access to the donor-only section.


Community Owner [Level 8]
- [COD]Arjan
- [COD]Aayush

Community Co-Owner [Level 7]
- [KB]BlaCkTiGeR

Server Managers[Level 6]

Head Admins [Level 5]

Lead Admins [Level 4]

Senior Admins [Level 3]

Server Admins [Level 2]

Trial Admins [Level 1]



• We are looking for administrators and we are recruiting 20+ admins, we have a very good player base but we are lacking in staff team. So it would be good if you can serve our community/server as staff. We dont need any requirements, we just need your experience! Just join the server & forums and apply for staff. We'll question you with some questions and once you pass them, you will be hired.

Donators | Investors | VIPs

• We are also looking for some donators/investors/vips who would like to donate our server in-order to keep it alive. We will reward you with the VIP features mentioned above. We can handle the server by paying it but, it would be good if someone can support us.

Promotional video creators

• We are looking for some professional video makers that can make a promotional video about our server. That will help us a lot. We will also reward you by giving administrator status (or) VIP rewards with scores.

• Thanks for taking your time in reading the advertisement of my server.
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PostSubject: EX RP   Fri 7 Mar - 13:19

Extreme Reality Roleplay
Forums: extreme-reality.co.uk/forums/index.php

You're welcomed.
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PostSubject: Fitzy's Roleplay   Tue 13 May - 8:41

***New Server Launched***

You can have legal jobs or you can just rob but need a gun you can buy houses (you can rent out rooms), cars, bussiness
You can rent a car or buy one
New bank where you can transfer a player the money
New phone so you can ring other players or even just order pizza Smile
also a players lounge

Host Name: Fitzy's Roleplay
Mode: Roleplay
Map: Los santos
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PostSubject: Re: SAMP Server Ads!   Tue 10 Jun - 12:17

Salut! Echipa ProArth te invita sa joci pe unul dintre cele mai noi servere RPG din Romania. A avut deschiderea in iunie 2014 si s-a bucurat de a avea un real succes. Avand peste 50 de jucatori constant ne putem mandri cu multitudinea de jucatori intr-o perioada asa scurta. Mai jos vei avea prezentarea serverului RPG.PROARTH.COM si prezentarea succinta a comunitati:


Fiecare player intrat pe RPG.PROARTH.COM isi incepe o noua viata. Inca de la inceput beneficiezi de un suport moral de la helperii dar si adminii serverului.

17 joburi - 7 din ele fiind unice iar restul cele esentiale. Castigurile variaza iar joburile sunt organizate in mod egal. Nu va oferim mai multe detalii, va lasam sa descoperiti singuri.
Clan sistem - Ai prieteni? Vrei sa iti faci un clan? Nimic mai simplu. Fa o cerere pe forum si vei primi si o categorie pentru clanul tau. Iti poti invita membrii in joc, ii poti da afara, ii poti promova.
Referall sistem - Vrei sa iti aduci colegii, prietenii, familia sa joace cu tine? Nimic mai simplu. Spune-le sa iti introduca numele in casuta corespunzatoare pentru REFERALL atunci cand se inregistreaza pe server iar tu vei beneficia de multe chestii surpriza.
Event sistem - Toti playerii peste level 5 au posibilitatea de a creea un event dupa placul lui. Acesta trebuie acceptat de un admin.
Paintball sistem - Nu face DM pe strada, cheama-ti prietenii si fa-o la paintball. Castigatorii vor primi RP-uri/bani in functie de noroc.
Race sistem - Ai chef de curse? Nu face curse ilegale. Ia-ti un prieten si intrece-te in circuitul nostru de race. Poti castiga RPuri daca esti norocos.
Moneybag sistem - Un admin amplaseaza un sac de bani prin oras. Gaseste-l si vei primi RPuri sau bani.
Dice sistem - Esti un impatimit al jocurilor de noroc? Provoaca-ti prietenii la un duel de barbut, tu alegi miza. Norocul tau, banii tai.
Laptop sistem - Il achizitionezi din 24/7, este permanent si folositor. Iti ofera date despre contul tau si poti trimite email altor playeri chit ca acestia sunt offline si invers.
Radio sistem - Vrei sa ai un radio? Cumpara-l de la Radio Shop. Poti pune muzica oriunde. Poti organiza o petrecere in aer liber cu prietenii.
Rob sistem - Ai oportnunitatea de a jefui banca singur sau cu alti 3 prieteni. Primiti un sac de bani in spate iar voi trebuie sa ajungeti in checkpointul de pe harta pentru a va indeplini misiunea.
Vehicles sistem - Vrei sa ai o masina personala? Cumpara-ti de la dealership. Un jucator poate avea o masina, un motor si un avion iar un jucator premium doua masini, un motor si un avion.

Crezi ca e frumos? Te asteptam si pe tine, adu-ti si prietenii. Toti avem de castigat. Bineinteles, nu e doar atat, te asteptam sa aflii mai multe.

ProArth Romania iti ofera si alte servere ca sa nu te plictisesti.Mai multe detalii gasesti pe:

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PostSubject: PlayGaming SA:MP Server 0.3z   Tue 15 Jul - 4:33

Name: PlayGaming
Description:-ati saturat de serverele care apar ca fantomele si dispar la fel de repede precum apar? Hai la noi in comunitate si nu ai sa regreti ! Celebrul MasterTrap21 si MR.AGENTX sunt scripterii !
Va asteptam sa intrati !
Va salut dragi jucatori! VA ASTEPTAM ALATURI DE NOI !
Play-RPG Gaming [0 .3z]: 7777
De curand am deschis un server de samp,clasic RPG! Foarte frumos, exact ca in viata reala. Nu este nici greu,dar nici usor,clasic.
Acesta contine:1)Sisteme
-sisteme unice anti-sobeit
-sistem unic anti-aim
-sistem unic anti-flood
-sistem unic la war: Best,worst,/wartime,scorul tau, scorul mafiei tale si a rivalilor.
-sistem unic pentru impartirea banilor la playeri.
-sistem unic pentru /turfs
-sistem pentru /event
-sistem pentru car surfing activat/dezactivat
\m/ \m/ \m/
2) /jobs:-Detective,Lawyer,Whore,DrugsDealer,PizzaBoy,Farmer,BusDriver,Mechanic,Garbage,ArmsDealer,ProducDelivery,MowerCutter,Fisherman,PetrolDeiveryMan,WooodMan,Bele Mover.
3) Pentru a face parte dintr-o factiune:
- pasnica iti trebuie minim level 3.
-mafii:minim level 5.
-departament/hitman/primar:minim level 7.
4) Vei face banii si vei creste in level foarte usor.Datorita STAFF-ului PG care va vor oferii evenimente,bani, si cu ajutorul sistemului nostru vei creste usor in level si bani.
5) Factiuni: Tattaglia,Cuneo,Barzini,Stracci,Corleone. PoliceDepartement,F.B.I,NationalGuard,Paramedics. TowTruckCompany,SchoolInstructors,NewsReporters, Hitman Agency.
GameMode rezolvat si testat 100% .
Forum+Panel= 100%
Un STAFF competent, serios si cel mai important prietenos cu toti playerii. La noi pe server cu totii suntem egali. Daca meriti o functie,primesti acea functie. Nimic nu este pe pile.Scopul comunitatii noastre este doar de a se distra playerii.Vrem sa oferim un mediu prielnic pentru distractie.
Vom deschide zilele acestea, un server de:
-CS mod plague,zombie escape,normal
-Metin2 PVM
In legatura cu donatiile, NU EXISTA ASA CEVA ! Smile>-
CU DRAG, PLAY-GAMING STAFF ! Play-RPG Gaming [0 .3z]: 7777
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PostSubject: <3 Pak <3 Cops and Robbers   Mon 15 Dec - 7:01

HostName: <3 Pak <3 Cops and Robbers
Players: 8 / 20
Ping: 276
Mode: Pak CnR
Map: New Vegas
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PostSubject: Dizzy RP [Looking for helpers, LSPD, faction leaders]   Wed 4 Feb - 6:12

Dizzy RP

Dizzy RP is a new and fresh RP server looking for players who are willing to join our warm community. We offer you many possibilities to maintain the highest RP experience. The server has a great economy and lots of legal and illegal working possibilities.

If you want to be an officer or faction leader, contact Dizzy.
The server has many features such as organized bank robbery with a group

and exclusive VIP priorities, such as health & armor, vip weapons and vip toys   king

We are currently refunding a packet with 4000$ cash, a speedometer, level 5 , drugs & mats.  

The server also has an interesting job at the fire department, Fires are spreaded through the city and you have to extinguish them.  

If you are interested in joining, feel free to drop by whenever you want. If you need anything /report to us.
The server IP is : .
As i said the server is new and still needs to grow in playerbase.
If you invite players to the server and prove they are here because of your invitation, you will be rewarded with VIP status.  

Cheers, Sterling  
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PostSubject: South Central Roleplay [Refunding/Giveaway]   Sat 21 Feb - 22:50

Name: South Central Roleplay



Description: Welcome to South Central Role Play! We have been making a brand new server based off of the player’s preferences and desires. Most servers are based off gaining personal wealth for the owners, and rarely care about the players needs. Here at South Central, all that matters is what the players have to say. We are building a community that involves every member equally. Everyone has a chance to express their opinions, and will be treated with respect. We have decided to erase the marketplace as a whole in order to focus on the game itself and not the money + personal benefits. This roleplay server is quite unique from others as it’s economy system is realistic. In order to have power, you need to work for it and earn it. Everything is based off of how you want it to be. If you want to be a millionaire, it’s not going to come easy! Dedication and effort is key. This removes the unfair advantages players have over one another through things like marketplace. Our staff team is very dedicated and takes time out of their lives to personally assist you with any questions, suggestions, or concerns. We hope you enjoy your experience here at South Central, and will do our best to accommodate to your needs!

Thank you for everyone's hard work and feedback for our server.

South Central RolePlay Management.

This is a new and unique server! We are different than others. Our economy is based on real life, and earning is done by actually earning it . So life is fun on South Central Roleplay, as well as realistic. South Central Roleplay has an unbelieveable amount of amazing custom mapping! Our staff team is respectful, and the server is just fun in general ! Give it a try, and trust me, you would not regret it.

Join now and have fun RP'ing !

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PostSubject: LagL: Live a Gangstas Life!   Mon 6 Apr - 2:01

Name : |_____|Live a Ganstas Life<3|_____|
Owner : Ahmad Kamal Baig (scripting :gold medal)
Forum site : lagl.forumotion.com
Group unlocked by forums only : Police and army
Total admins present : 3
Mapping : ls, lv , sf
Mode :LagL v 1.0
Mapping ARRANGEMENTS : MODED WITH double buildings
Statues : Fighter
Cars and Bikes : Every group
Type of server : DM
Screen shots
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PostSubject: I Don't Knowledge Gaming's Hardcore SAMP Server   Tue 7 Apr - 22:39

I Don't Knowledge Gaming Has Opened A Brand New Hardcore SAMP Roleplay Server

If you are interested in joining a Hardcore SAMP Roleplay Server you should apply for I Don't Knowledge Gaming's Brand New Server.
It has many unique features which I Don't Knowledge's Personal Development Team have coded in to give our community the best roleplay experience possible.
There are many opportunities to grow and expand within our community we are currently looking for helpful and kind players to add to our staff team.(PLEASE DO NOT REQUEST, WE WILL CONTACT YOU)

Click visit IDK-Gaming.co.uk to apply

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PostSubject: Re: SAMP Server Ads!   Thu 28 May - 12:58

HostName: [0.3.7] Street Racing Roleplay
Players:  1 / 50
Ping:     142
Mode:     SR:RP v5.0.07
Language: Any [Main is ENG]

Needs more players and more faction leaders!!
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PostSubject: Re: SAMP Server Ads!   

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SAMP Server Ads!
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