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 SAMP Server Ads!

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Join date : 2012-11-13

PostSubject: Life In The 90's Roleplay   Wed 21 Nov - 3:45

Life in the 90's Roleplay
Server IP:

Year 1990...
Red County was the best place in 1970. The citizen was calm, warm hearted and peace lover. The criminal rate was almost zero. Now Red County has a higher criminal rate. The Bussiness is growing and Black market has dominated all markets on Red County. Drugs, Illegal Weapons, Prostitutions, Robbery, Terrorism, and Corruptions are common things now.Can You live and get a better life there? Or will You join the criminals? That's your choice!

Join us in LIFE IN THE 90'S Roleplay!
HostName: Life In The 90's Roleplay
Max Players: 100
Mode: L90-RP Ver 0.2
Map: Red County
SAMP client: samp 0.3e

We have many different gameplays and features, here for small part of our feature. Check this video
video 1
video 2
video 3

And about JOB:
We have 10 job for this time, we will add more soon!
There is Trucker, Pizzaboy, Mechanic, Hotdog seller, Icecream seller, Bus driver, Taxi driver, Black runner, Sweeper, Fishing.

About Faction:
We have 6 faction for this time, more more be updated soon.
There is Police department, Detention officer of San Quentin, Paramedic, Firefighter, SAnews, Construction Co.

This special from us, you can choose your profession!
We have 3 proffesion, and each other have different ability
There is Crafter, Chemist, and Weaponsmith.

You can mod your vehicle freely as you want!

You can add 10 objects on your vehicle!

Invite your friend, you will get free 5 coins!
You can buy any special stuff with the coin!

And more more feature!
So, join with us now! And have fun!

More information, please check http://life90rp.forumotion.com/
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PostSubject: Mafia-City Roleplay 0.3e - Refunding   Fri 30 Nov - 12:34

Mafia City Roleplay

Server info:
Server name:Mafia City Roleplay
Server website:http://ultimategenerationro.forumotion.com/forum
Mode:MC:RP v7.3
Slots:25(Will get more when needed)
Refunding:500,000 In hand,500,000 In bank,Silver VIP. (If you invite 1 friend you get house with any int / vehicle )

N.O.O.S.E:Need leader
Taxi Cab Company:Need leader
National Guard:Closed(Need more playerbase)
Los Santos Police Department:Need Leader
SASP:Need leader
Tierra Robada:Need leader
San News:Need leader
Governor:Need Leader

Los Santos Crips Family | Leader:Sean Weston | 11 members
Los Santos Racers | Leader:Steve_Soterdam | 8

Car Dealer Ships:
1.Glen Park (Bikes)
2.Gottis ( Cars )

Dont ask for Gold VIP unless you invite 2 active friends.
Good admins expierenced.
For server rules and more information about the server go to the website:

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PostSubject: Drift 4 Life   Wed 5 Dec - 15:36

Name: [0.3e-R2] Drift 4 Life ->ONLINE<-²º¹²
pictures: Sorry for the pictures but I don't have at the moment, so that I will post them later Wink
Description: Hi all, I've just made my server and I hope that you guys will join my server;) Have Fun..
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PostSubject: Los Santos Ghetto Life RPG!   Fri 7 Dec - 13:26

Name: Los Santos Ghetto Life RPG

Server Videos can be found by searching on Youtube: KENN22IFY !!!

Join and Register at our forums! Type on Google: ''Ghetto Life RPG'' and click on the top link to gain access!


This server is a Strict RP server there you always got to show Role Play, never avoid a RP or ruin RP's,
The server goes out to be based on the Single Player Story, which means Sweet, Big Smoke, Ryder, CJ, O.G Loc, Madd Dogg, Kendle, is involved as characters.
Your main target as a [GSF] Member is to eliminate the Ballas ( [KTB], [FYB], [RHB] ) but with much RP involved as possible could use, but don't attack on purpose even if you use good quality RP involved or not, this server got a special rule ' The 20 Minutes Rule ' witch includes, You got to wait till twenty minutes passed till you can do another attack again. If breaking that rule, can cause yourself a punishment by the either lower or higher admins.

As a Ballas member your main mission is to eliminate the Families ( [GSF], [SBF], [TDF]. ) With much RP involved as possible.
Even though this, you NEED to show good Role Play at your OWN territory, for example buying food at The Burger Shot / Clucking Bell or Pizza Stack Co. Either you could Play Dice Games with your gang members, Do rap battles.
And even if you are a Families / Ballas member, doesn't mean you got to eliminate all the gangs, as a leader or co leader you can something witch is called ' ALLIANCE ' between your gangs, or ' Neutral '. Witch means its peace between your gangs. You can ONLY have ONE ALLIANCE , but you can have NEUTRAL with much gangs as you want. but remember to have at least 1/2 enemies, so you can do at least some shoot outs together.

This server also not ONLY got Ballas and Families, they also got Vagos( [V]), Varrios Los Aztecas( [VLA] ), Emmet Place( [EP] ), Leone Family( [LF] ), Vercetti Family( [VF] )

As Emmet Place Worker your mission is to sell as much weaponry as possible could. the [EP] selling guns to EVERYONE on the server that got their contacts of course, but if you want war with them, doubt you will reach weaponry.

As Leone Family associate, your mission is to follow your Leaders command and protect their factory as much as possible, these guys can ALSO sell weaponry either small or huge arms.

As a Vercetti Family associate, your mission is to either make peace or war with the Leone Family and take over the city, these guys can also sell Armor body to the faction leaders. And drugs to hoodrats and gang members.

Now you know some basics about this server.

Keep in mind though::
Show good quality Role Play, always, doesn't matter whatever is going on. Make hood RP as much as you can, play Dice Games, Have rap battles, hood fights, RP buying food, RP using drugs, RP tagging and doing vandalism.
Do some drive by's with each other with huge RP involved.

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PostSubject: BRAND new server!   Tue 1 Jan - 21:35

Name: Generation X Role Play
Ip: SAMP: samp.genx-gaming.net:7777, TS IP: TS.GENX-GAMING.NET
pictures: Currently no Screenshots due to my Screenshots not Loading Correctly
Description: Generation X Roleplay is a New Server that has a Very good economy and it is also Medium-High Roleplay, It has a Golden Giftbox that requires Golden Giftbox Tokens, You get 2 whenever you Spawn (LIMITED TIME!) And you can win anything ranging from a Free Car to Free Lifetime Platinum VIP, And you get 1 Golden Giftbox token whenever you Refer somebody, Also The rules are VERY Strict so you dont need to worry about get Deathmatched, etc. I hope to see you There!
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PostSubject: Trinity Gaming Roleplay [ENG] [Heavy RP]    Tue 8 Jan - 8:04


Trinity Gaming Roleplay was made 1-2 years ago by Ryan_Ramsay and Michael_Davidson the plan was to make our own script and then buy a server and make it famous. It never happend, But now i ((Michael_Davidson)) will make it we do not have our own script we got a edit the server got 12 slots HAHAH yes 12 slots thats nothing. But we got a donation on 10$ and we gonna buy a 50 slots nice server When we get the donation we use Volt-Host a nice place to host youre server! the server is heavy Roleplay = No refund some of the staffs call it the Next Next Generation Roleplay Razz if we get 12 players on today we will give everyone gold vip for 10days and We will maybe need some leaders to faction we will need 3 Gang leaders so if you join and want a gang then /report and tell me that you want it i hope the server will be good and big! So pleas join and be in the community of Trinity Gaming Roleplay the 10 first will get a free house and a gate


-Community Owners-
Michael_Davidson and Eric Better known as Sammi_Jackson/Sammi_Elsayed


Elite Admin-Ruben_Beckham
We got 1 Admin called Jack he is Senior Admin that was the admin team we will get more into the admin team if we get the server full today! If it will be full today we will handpick 1admin
Sorry my bad english but all the other admins is much better to english so. I hope to see you online and i hope you will enjoy the server
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PostSubject: OrcGaming 24/7 [Refunds]   Fri 11 Jan - 16:29

OrcGaming 24/7 [Refunds]

Hey guys what is going on. Its me Charles_Sines the owner of this server.

HostName: OrcGaming 24/7 [refunds]
Players: 17 / 300
Ping: 12
Mode: Raven's Roleplay
Map: Los Santos

We are hiring for this server! We need leaders for factions and other things like for admins/mods

New Updates:
-New /AttachWeapon Cmds!
-New Houses And Interiors
-Lspd Door Doesn't Glitch
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PostSubject: Sunrise: Roleplay   Sun 20 Jan - 4:07

Sunrise Roleplay

We are proud to announce to you our new SA:MP Online Gaming Community Sunrise: Roleplay

Server is based on unique gamemod systemDynamic-RP, the action takes place in Red County.
Script is written from Scratch, its made by t0xIc_S a.k.a CoaPsyFactor.
Our goal was to make as much dynamic as possible.

What do we mean with dynamic?
It is simple answer, building houses, business, faction even jobs from in game.

Pictures were made before we moved in Red County

List of faction: Mayor,R ed County police department, Medic centar, San news, Chinese mafia, Mechanic,
Taxi company, Construction company, FBI, Bloods.

You are wondering why only one gang?
Well, we are going to make as much gangs as players want, but there are certain criteria.
Player who want to owe a gang, must have at least 3 other players to be in their gang. And players must be level 3+

Jobs: Pizza Boy, Bus Driver, Dredger, Street Cleaner, Trash Collector, Harvest man, Delivery Corp., Pilot

If you have any idea for checkpoint job, just tell it to admin in game, and if it is good idea, administrator will add job in no time.

Something about factions


Mayor have 3 commands (/settax, /paybusiness, /mayorsay)

With command settax mayor can change value of tax. Default value is 18%
Mayor can also give money to some business, with command paybusiness,
and he can also speak to all Sunrise citizen.

Red County Police Department
Goal of this faction is to keep our beloved Red County away from robber, scamers, drug dealers, weapon dealers.

Medic center
Medic center a.k.a EMS is there for any sick, hurted or even healhy men.

San News
San News will keep you updated with latest news going on in Red County, also with Weather informations.

Chinese mafia
Chinese mafia has controll of armhouse and arm dealers. There is no way you can avoid them if you do something behind their back.

We wanted this faction to be same as job, but good mechanic must be good Roleplayer.
Purpose of mechanic is to repair your vehicle. Or to change oil. Also he can roll back your odo so you can sell your vehicle for more money.

Taxi compani
If you are lost somewhere in San Andreas, simply /callcab and free taxi driver will arive in your position in no time, and even faster take you to wanted desitnation

Construction company

This faction can /build your house, if you just bought it and its not finished. Or if from some reason someone destroyed it.

FBI and PD are almost same, but FBI is there to stop huge crimes, like smuggling drugs or weapons.

You wanna make or sell drugs, this is perferct faction for you. You will always have your back secured from police or other gangs.


Pictures of jobs.

Other features:
To make roleplay even more interesting there are certain things that could happen to you.
If you don't eat on time you will loose your hp, if you don't /pee on time you will piss your pants.
There is also system called something wrong.
What is something wrong system?
Its function called every one hour that loops through all online players and randomly choose on of them, and do something bad to player.
Well not bad to harm him, but something like, rip your clothes, break your watch or mobile phone, untie your shoe etc...
Dodat ce se jos unikatnih stvari u tome segmentu igre.

Unique systems:
Taxi - its not just a simple timer, but measuring distance and thats how does it calculate cost of fare
Burnout system - if you burnout your tiers too much, their will poop
Advert System - You need to have Adverts to read them /readadvert
Drug and Weapon system. Dynamicly adding drugs and supstances for drugs from in game.

Drug i weapon

To make drug, you need to have certain supstances, and also be in crack house.
To buy supstances you need to /getmaterials in crackhouse

Here are pictures of crack house.

Same is for weapons, only you don't need certain materials, but only materials.
/getmaterials to buy them.

Pictures of armhouse

Your Sunrise Team

P.S Sorry for my bad English. Love you all.

Multilanguage support is now on. From now you can choose between English and Croatian. Any one who want to translate to other languages, simply PM me.

And please don't ask for administrator level, we already have enough administrators. And remember administrator is not reward its responsibility
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PostSubject: Presented by Universal Gaming Community   Tue 22 Jan - 0:01

Name: Universal Gaming RolePlay (Brought by Universal Gaming Community)

Welcome to Universal Gaming Roleplay, a server located in the heart of San Andreas - Los Santos.

Bored of stunt, death match and unprofessional roleplay servers? Well, here's your chance.
Universal Gaming Roleplay is a community which provides the best roleplaying experience in SA:MP including new unique features and players who follow the rules and are professional.
With a realistic script side economy and atmosphere, it could never have been better.
All you have to do is make your own virtual character in this wonderful city, Los Santos, the land full of opportunities and ideas. With the staff team hand picked, who are well experienced and trained, are ready to help a player when needed and will offer them all the comfort to make their gameplay experience better.
After gathering the experience we had from our own roleplaying experience from all around the SA-MP, we began to make our own, scratch made server.

Hence we finally present you, exquisite Roleplay. To add more roleplaying experience, we have added a list of extremely realistic and unique features to provide our players the best.
From a realistic governmental system to the economy, including features like the bin system, apartments, settlement places, flats, etc. Our realistic economy will enable you to take a part in the development of our economy system itself.
We enable you to play as a homeless person, living with the help of money given by the welfare system of the government, or a rich person who lives in a mansion and owns several vehicles and businesses. It all depends on you and the city funds.

We are fully dynamic server.

Server Features:
Next update - Totally Dynamic Business System
Done - Totally Dynamic House System
Done - Totally Dynamic Garage System
Done - Totally Dynamic Faction System
Done - Totally Dynamic Family System
Done - Totally Dynamic Information-Board System
Done - Totally Dynamic Dealership System
Done - Bank robberry system (cool features)
Done - Stealing car system (Can get into lspd cars,locked cars)
Done - Break house lock(you can get into locked house)
Done - Amazing turfs system
Done - BoomBox system
Done - Amazing toys system

Server Factions:

LSPD - Need players
FBI - No need
Goverment - Need players
FDSA - Need players
San Andreas Border Patrol - No need
Factions will be added as soon as they are needed.

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PostSubject: Sweet Santos Role Play   Sat 26 Jan - 9:31

Name: Sweet Santos Role Play
Description: We host SA-MP 0.3e RP server!
Website: sweetsantos-rp.webs.com
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PostSubject: ravens roleplay   Tue 5 Feb - 12:40

[center] Raven's Roleplay by Addyson
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PostSubject: Hyper Gaming Roleplay[Hiring Faction and Family Leaders]   Sun 10 Feb - 8:17

Please join us at ksdrbi3.gicp.net:7777 We are hiring faction and family leaders

ADVISORS And much more

This is a roleplay server
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PostSubject: Hyper Gaming Roleplay[Hiring Faction and Family Leaders]   Sun 10 Feb - 8:17

Please join us at ksdrbi3.gicp.net:7777 We are hiring faction and family leaders

ADVISORS And much more

This is a roleplay server
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PostSubject: Reality Roleplay87    Wed 13 Feb - 0:04

HostName: {0.3x} RealityRoleplay87 {Daily Updates}
Mode: R:RP v2.1.2 R2 (L32)
Map: San Andreas

Hello SA-MP'ers ,
I'm Phoenix, the co-owner of Reality Roleplay87(a.k.a Real Gamers) . We are a Old community started back in 2009 . But Last year we were forced to Shut Down due to some Host Problems . Now we are back with a new Amazing unique script .
We are looking for Gang/Faction - Leaders, Helpers, Community Advisors as well as some Experianced Admins .
So, Why wasting Time ?

Come and Join NOW !!!

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PostSubject: SAMP DeviL: Astazi ora 22 LMS event [Prize 500k]   Sat 16 Feb - 10:50

HostName: SAMP DeviL: Astazi ora 22 LMS event [Prize 500k]
Players: 13 / 50
Ping: 43
Mode: **DEVIL RPG v4.3**
Map: WipeD LANDS

Serverul contine:

-10 factiuni
-sistem de bizz,house si masini personale
-12 joburi
-multe animatii
-diverse comenzi
-admini si helperi prietenosi

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PostSubject: [ROLEPLAY]High Sky Roleplay Gaming   Sun 17 Mar - 17:51

Hostname: High Sky Roleplay Gaming
Server IP:
Server Forums :
Server TeamSpeak:
Server Owner's : Justinlampy/Kevin/Macuseless
Server Co-Owner : PrivateSec

Server information:
Our server has a playerbase of 10+.
Its based on Medium Roleplay.
Our Admin community Searching Only N/A at the moment Mature guys.
so dont come in and /report can i be admin. it will get a trash.
Admins have only Firstnames

Please login with Firstname_Lastname. One name isnt work.

Server Factions:
Tierra Robada
San News
Taxi Company

Some factions are'nt menthioned here we can inform you that in game.

Server Jobs:
Taxi Job
Drugs Dealer.
And some more. Check it out ingame

Server futures:

VIP system
Custom Mapping
Dynamic Doors
Dynamic Houses
Dynamic Gates
Daily Updates.
Custom Interiors
Custom buildings

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PostSubject: Re: SAMP Server Ads!   Mon 18 Mar - 12:20

Real Stunt World

SA-MP Server which includes stunting, deathmatches, roleplay and all kinds of minigames on looney maps!
Currently recruiting Moderators, Admins and Management!

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PostSubject: [0.3x] Dynasty Roleplay [Grand Opening]   Mon 18 Mar - 21:54

IP: samp.dynasty-rp.co.uk
Port: 7779

IP: ts.dynasty-rp.co.uk
Port: 6361



Hiring moderators, community advisors, and helpers. Looking for mappers experienced with MTA or Map Editor. We will also hire players that we believe meet the requirements to become an administrator.

Staff Roster

Community Owners: Callum, Rory.

Community Manager: Danny.

Executive Administrators: James, Jay.

Head Administrators: [To Be Announced]

Senior Administrators: Ken.

General Administrators: Ben.

Junior Administrators: Blade

Open Factions

LSPD: Taken
FDSA: Taken
Government: Taken
SANews: Leader Needed

More factions will open as playerbase increases.

Faction Director: James (Executive Administrator)

We are currently looking for skilled roleplayers to lead families. Read the gang section of our forums. (Click Here)

Gang Director: Jay (Executive Administrator)

Skilled, friendly, and professional administration team,
Houses around every corner,
Dynamic business system,
VIP system,
And much more...

Hosted Tab,
More player slots,
Dynamic Fires,
Unique Mapping,
Script Improvements,
Better Forum Software,
And much more...
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PostSubject: Re: SAMP Server Ads!   Sat 20 Apr - 1:10

Name: Just A Trucking Server
Description: It's a PPC gamemode with some little edits. We are a really small community (4 players). We are awaiting you Smile
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PostSubject: SAMP Server    Tue 23 Apr - 9:33

Name: West Coast Role-Play
pictures: Dont have right now.Come IG and check Smile
Description: The best RP server.I mean it,
Website: wc-rp. net
Forum: wc-rp. net/forum
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Age : 37
Location : Scunthorpe

PostSubject: INSANE-RP   Sat 27 Apr - 0:56

JOIN INSANE-RP,6 No Caps (Passwords:111)
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Daniel Souza

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PostSubject: International Gaming Role Play   Mon 29 Apr - 9:00


We welcome you, we are in need of players, new server, great host and friendly admins, 500 slots!

So what are you waiting for, IG:RP welcomes you!!

Daniel Souza
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PostSubject: Grand Life Ultimate Roleplay! You must join now! :)   Thu 9 May - 6:24

Hey guys this is the best roleplay I ever know! and you must join now! haha
Server Info:

HostName: Grand Life Roleplay [Refunding][Friendly Staff]
Players: 15 / 40
Ping: 92
Mode: GL:RP v0.1(9.5.13)
Map: San Andreas

Factions : 14
Taxi Company
SA News
etc, Roleplayers already know this just join for mroe

Families :
we have 20 family slot on our server
just join for more info

want to be admin? Be active or Bring palyers or help people always!

Forums : COME IG I can't post it bcz I'm just new member

and more more more just join so that you can see! what you want! haha

I am Douglas_McRazer IG so talk to me if you found the server from here!

So see you IG and Thanks <3 I hope to see you soon!
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PostSubject: Razer Gaming Ultimate Roleplay! JOIN NOW!   Thu 23 May - 2:57

HostName: [0.3x]Razer Gaming Roleplay [Hiring Developers+New Updates!]
Players: 8 / 105
Ping: 164
Mode: RG:RP v.5
Map: San Andreas
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PostSubject: Aussie Crew Roleplay [ENG]   Sat 15 Jun - 5:14

Name: Aussie Crew Roleplay



This is a great Medium-Heavy Server and we're working our best to make this server better and better also alot of updates, Check us out! we're gonna be great here!
You can check us out man! Trust us check it out ! The only thing that this server needs is Active Members that means we're in need of Leaders / Staffs but not at the moment, we will start to hire Leaders and so on When we got enough players, like 5-10+ Why are we doing this? Yes because we need to make sure you're active and are ready to earn the position.
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PostSubject: Re: SAMP Server Ads!   

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SAMP Server Ads!
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