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 Rural Roleplay [Not an Edit | ENG | $10,000 REFUND] [RED COUNTY]

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PostSubject: Rural Roleplay [Not an Edit | ENG | $10,000 REFUND] [RED COUNTY]   Mon 11 Mar - 9:55

Who are we?
We are a server within the SAMP Roleplay community aiming to become more popular and give fellow heavy RP'ers a chance to roleplay on a fully - custom script. We have loads to offer such as jobs, factions, cool mappings, not in Los Santos! We're currently in development stages therefore, we currently have a small playercap of 10 players, but FEAR NOT! We're updating VERY soon! We hope you will, enjoy Rural Roleplay as there are no GF, zG, LARP, Ravens RP, or anything in the SAMP GAMEMODES section from it. We have a sophisticated, professional administrative team whom are willing to help you when you need it. Use the command /assistance in order to request administrative assistance.

The current legal and illegal gangs are willing to open roleplay for players to fit their roleplay style, ranging from police departments to street racers. Here's a list of factions(& their leaders):

Red County Police Department(Leader: John Hart)
Red County Fire Department(Leader: None)
Manus Die(Leader: None)
Red County Mechanical Services(Leader: None)
Road King Haulin'(Leader: None)
Red County News Network(Leader: None)
Hell's Angels(Leader: None)
The Syndicate(Leader: None)
Random Acts of Speed(Leader: None)

The Rural Roleplay administration team are sophisticated in a way of professionalism and respect toward other players. These "special" players administer the server to make sure roleplay is smooth, hacking is at its lowest threat, people who are not fit for the server are removed and to make sure everyone is happy on the server. Not much can be said about administration until you actually join the administration team.

So what are you waiting for? JOIN TODAY!
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Rural Roleplay [Not an Edit | ENG | $10,000 REFUND] [RED COUNTY]
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