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 Axel Roleplay [Factions] [Great Community] [Economy] [Refunding]

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PostSubject: Axel Roleplay [Factions] [Great Community] [Economy] [Refunding]   Sat 29 Dec - 15:55

Thank you for taking the time to view this forum. My name is Gary director of Server Management/Owner of the Axel Roleplay server!

A couple of things our server includes are.

Police Departments for every city (LS, SF, LV)
National Guard
National Office of Security Enforcement
Taxi Company
Hitman Agency
SA News
Sheriffs Department
TRAF(Tierra Robotta Armed Forces)
And many more!

VIP (Bronze Vip, Silver VIP, Gold VIP, and Platinum VIP)
Dynamic Gifts
House System
Newbie chat
Material Points
Gun system
IC Jail and OOC Jail
And many more!

Taxi Driver
Arms Dealer
Drug Dealer
Drug Smuggler
And Many more!

There are going to also be many events our Special Event Commitee will host. For example this New Years fireworks will be launched into the sky! So if you are intereseted then come on down today!

So, if you want to join come on down

Teamspeak IP: chits.vortexservers.com:10034

Also, visit our website at axel-roleplay.com

Cya soon!
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Axel Roleplay [Factions] [Great Community] [Economy] [Refunding]
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