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 -Amazingly Scripted RP Server- Heavy RP

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PostSubject: -Amazingly Scripted RP Server- Heavy RP   Sun 22 Jun - 11:37

Golden State Role Play
Brand New, Great Script
Currently, we are a heavy Role Play server, we do not plan to change this. Our economy is one of the most realistic out there, to move up, you have to get yo Role Play up. Meet new people. Make Friends. Have War. The choice is entirely yours.
Script Info
So, you may be wondering, "What makes the scrip so damn special?" Well, I'll tell you. Inside of our script, are multiple jobs, these are what we call Script Jobs. But these are not your only source to cash. We encourage you to role play, open up your own business, start your own gang, either way, they make money. But, back to the script. We provide you with your own inventory system. You can access this by pressing Y.

Backpacks, allow you to obtain more inventory slots. Guns, probably what most people are worried about. Guns, you must first meet the gun supply, the guy that runs the factories, he will supply you with a gun, a mag, and a ammo box, but he's mostly going to supply official and un-official gangs. Firstly, you must bring the gun from your inventory, pretty easy. Then you load a mag, then you use the ammo cartridge. Giving you different amounts of bullets based on the gun. Now, the next great part about our script, are the drugs. Which will be changing over time. Drugs, can be a great source of income. And hopefully, you'll enjoy role playing with gangs, selling drugs, and ruining our great streets.
We have many factions within our server. The FDSA, the PD, Gangs. But, what we really want, are people who will come in, and bring creative faction ideas to the table. Something that will really spice up the role play.
Server Info
Server IP:
Website:gs-rp.com{Still Under Construction.}
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-Amazingly Scripted RP Server- Heavy RP
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