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 Exclusive Gaming Roleplay

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PostSubject: Exclusive Gaming Roleplay   Sun 19 Aug - 10:06

cheers Server Info:

HostName: [0.3e] Exclusive Gaming Roleplay
Mode: EG:RP Version 3.0.9
Map: San Andreas


This is a new roleplay server open and needed players so feel free to join our server.
But please if you join don't ask for admins because there are some people who like asking for admins when they join the server.
Just play along as a civilian and the admins will notice you if you are active and you could be reward for admin or other positions.

Website: eg-roleplay.co.nr

Server Video: youtube.com/watch?v=jlrxLPniuEI&feature=plcp
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Exclusive Gaming Roleplay
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