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 United Kingdom Roleplay. Refunding/faction leaders wanted! (Staff team open)

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PostSubject: United Kingdom Roleplay. Refunding/faction leaders wanted! (Staff team open)   Fri 16 Aug - 8:53

I have opened a server which is based in the united kingdom.

The server has a large amount of things you can do, you could join the life of crime to earn your way to success or you can be a good citizen with a legal job. You are also able to do the complete opposite to crime and fight against it. The success full players would live a good life with fast cars, big homes an pockets full of money. You are able to own many things in the server such as a business, home an vehicles so earning money is the key.

Factions are currently open and looking for leaders so feel free to try your luck on faction you dreamed of running, Family are also being created soon.

Staff members are being hand picked and you shouldn't ask for it, however if your lucky enough to become a staff member which is likely because the servers new an needs people to watch it then you are expected to be active.

I cant really tell you much about the server because everyone has there own views of what they expect so leaving it at that point... why not join an check it out for yourself?

Joining today can get you a refund on the following things.

- 100k spending money
- 50grams of drugs
- 1 house
- licenses
- level 5
- vip (when its added)

Join now!
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United Kingdom Roleplay. Refunding/faction leaders wanted! (Staff team open)
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