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PostSubject: Santos Streets Roleplay HIRING ACTIVE FACTION LEADERS   Mon 5 Aug - 11:27

Server IP :
Website : SS-RP.net
Server Features

  • Illegal faction business robbery, Illegal factions can now rob businesses together!

    • 15 different types of factions now open and available for you and your friends!

    • House robbery system for available for thief job!

    • Unique phone system, Contacts list ; Ipod music player, Listen to your music now while playing!

    • Amazing house system, You're able to upgrade your house interior to your taste!

    • Business system, More then 20 types of businesses available for purchasing , From gun shops to paintball centers to restaurants & bakeries!

    • Own your own car, Car system is outstanding, You're able to lock it , Completely customize it & From rims to paint jobs! Cars available at dealerships

  • Fire department faction, With automatic scripted business & Houses fire, Fire department must annihilate the fires or the money inside businesses are lost!

    • BEST admin & Helper team , All questions are answered within 5-10 seconds upon asked , We have a helper at the newbie spawn available 24/7 at your will.

    • HIGH Roleplay server.

    • Over 10 different types of jobs are able to be chosen, ALL uniquely scripted.

    • Unique casino system never before seen anywhere else.

    • War system between factions.

    • Car impound system for the police department.

Incredible high roleplay police department
Incredible goverment system
SS-RP is SA-MP dedicated server , With it's own host located in France.Our scripter is a veteran scripter who is always open for suggestions on new features , SS-RP has a steady player base since it's been opened since June. The staff consist of veteran members of the sa-mp community. The sever is based on Los santos and it's made for people All sorts of roleplaying lovers . No corruption is found inside the community, Everyone gets along and all players, even not apart of the staff are always willing to help! Come & Join us today! Choose your path today! SS-RP
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