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 Rated Gaming Role Play [Auto-Refunding/admins/Leader(Faction-Family)]

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PostSubject: Rated Gaming Role Play [Auto-Refunding/admins/Leader(Faction-Family)]   Fri 19 Jul - 23:29

Rated Gaming Role Play


We are hiring for all factions! We would like for people to run families also which we will make your cars and more on the spot!


We are a new server and looking for good people! I have played SA-MP for a while and learned to script 1 year ago!
I am the owner [Mercer_Mann]

What ADMIN level takes!

You need to have atleast proper English skills. And follow rules for Admin levels and if your good enough you might get promoted! (You will start with with Level 4 and if you are good enough you will become  level 1339 admin)

How to get a house , money or car!

[/report] and you may get ONE (house/car) for free at the start, NO more!and you may get 2.000.000 money!

HostName: Rated Gaming Role Play [Auto-Refunding/admins/Leader(Faction-Family)]
Players:  10 / 500
Ping:     67
Mode:     RG:RP V2.7
Map:      San Andreas
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Rated Gaming Role Play [Auto-Refunding/admins/Leader(Faction-Family)]
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